English Language Arts & Reading

What We Do

Natalie SpalloniThe Curriculum and Instruction department supports English Language Arts and Reading (ELA/R) by providing district-wide leadership and management of the ELA/R curriculum. English Language Arts and Reading is coordinated in a manner to effectively ensure students are provided high-quality instructional strategies, techniques, and procedures. The Curriculum and Instruction department coordinates the improvement of instruction in ELA/R as identified as deficient on state and district assessments. English Language Arts and Reading are supported by maintaining and broadening the use of technology in the teaching-learning process.

Natalie Spalloni

ELA Coordinator

Natalie has been part of the C&I department for four years. She taught high school English at Andress High School before becoming a founding faculty member of Northwest Early College. Natalie also served as both adjunct faculty and lecturer at EPCC instructing English 0309,1301, and 1302. Natalie also instructed the courses of Children's Literature, Writing Processes of Children, and Content Area Literacy at UTEP. She holds a master's degree in Education with a specialty in English Language Arts. Additionally, Natalie Mendoza-Spalloni holds a valid Principal Certificate.