Coronavirus Updates

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Last updated July 2, 2020

Message from the SuperintendentDear Canutillo Community,

We know that there is one question on the minds of our district’s parents, students, employees, and community members: What will school look like in the fall?

Thank you for your patience and your understanding as we have been working collaboratively for the last several months to answer that question.

Due to upward trends in infection rates, the district is adopting a conservative approach in the interest of safety. The Canutillo Independent School District will deliver instruction through remote platforms until Labor Day. By Monday, September 7, 2020, the district will have communicated to parents whether to keep with 100% remote learning or continue with our reopening plans.

Week 1
The first week of school will be 100% remote learning. During this time, campuses will offer small groups of students the opportunity to come to school, meet their teacher, practice social distancing and review the safety protocols. Campuses will be contacting parents to set up dates and times. Parents and students can OPT OUT of this activity.

Weeks 2 - 5
Weeks 2 - 5 will remain 100% remote learning. This will give the district the opportunity to monitor the health situation in the region, continue safety preparations, and allow teachers and students the opportunity to get accustomed to remote learning in case of a school-wide COVID-19 shutdown.

Week 6 and Beyond
After September 7, 2020, parents will have the following choices:

  • At the elementary level, parents can elect to send their children to school for 100% face-to-face instruction or they can select the 100% remote learning option. Elementary schools do not have the capacity to implement a hybrid model alongside in person instruction and remote learning.
  • Middle schools and CHS High School students may choose 100% remote learning or hybrid. The hybrid model will allow students to come into schools on certain days and remain at home on other days. Due to the large number of students in secondary schools, 100% face to face is not possible.

From an instructional perspective, this plan is sensitive to the fact that secondary students are better able to navigate remote platforms, while elementary children benefit from the guidance of teachers who are physically present.

  • NWECHS parents will receive information about their schedule from the campus.

Campuses will disseminate further information regarding learning models and the opening week activity. This information will be placed on the campus and district websites next week along with other health and safety information.

Reopening plans were developed with survey information from parents, faculty and staff. Safety was the first consideration in the district’s deliberations. Please note that this plan is subject to change depending on future guidance from health officials.

Guiding Principles
As we move forward, we are keeping our strategic plan top of mind.
We are committed to:

  • The health and safety of our students and employees
  • Academic success for all students
  • Ensuring that students are at the center of all decision making
  • Engaging with our school communities
  • Utilizing data

Health and Safety Protocols
Canutillo ISD is actively planning for the reopening of schools with the health and safety of our students, families, employees, and community at the forefront. The following safety protocols for students, staff and visitors follow guidance provided by the Center for Disease Control and are under consideration:

  • General Health
  • Daily health assessments for all staff and students
  • Visitors will be limited to conducting business pertaining to enrollment or resolving emergency situations by appointment preferably 
  • Face coverings required for all staff, students and visitors
  • Reducing shared materials in the classroom
  • Meals served in classroom
  • Social distancing
  • Classroom configuration to allow for social distancing
  • Staggered arrival and departure to allow for social distancing
  • Social distancing on school buses
  • Cleaning and Sanitation
  • Increased disinfecting procedures
  • Encouraging students to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer more frequently
  • Procedures for student or staff illness reporting/tracking and designating an isolation area
  • Procedures for closing a building during an outbreak, disinfecting, and re-opening (in conjunction with local health department)
  • Procedures for staff leave and student excused absences
  • Training on safety precautions for all staff and students

We know that the 2020–2021 academic year will be unlike any we've experienced before. This also means it is an opportunity to be adaptable, flexible and innovative. I am confident that we will come out the other side of this experience stronger, with best practices around technology and learning that will change education forever. And our district will be better for it. The future is now.

Thank you for your partnership and support.
Pedro Galaviz
Superintendent of School

Last updated June 25, 2020

Message from the SuperintendentDear Canutillo Community,

The only thing certain about this pandemic is uncertainty. The only aspect of this health crisis that is predictable is its unpredictability. Texas is now among the nation’s hotspots in terms of virus spread. Correspondingly, new cases in El Paso are increasing each day. We look for guidance from our state government and local officials.

As of today, these authorities are allowing local districts to develop plans that make sense in terms of reopening. Our approach will be guided by two goals. We endeavor to deliver quality instruction while ensuring the safety of our school communities, first and foremost.

What will the plan look like then? We do favor some form of in school instruction. We expect that remote learning will continue to a certain extent depending on the health situation at the time of projected reopening. We also intend to use a modified calendar to give the district the agility it needs to respond to changing circumstances.

We can and will continue to communicate on a regular basis. The district will articulate its goals for a return to a new normal, but it is not in a position to provide a definite plan at this time. While we would like to convey our message with certainty and confident predictability, we cannot. However, we will continue to operate guided always by safety and health considerations.

Here are some resources you should be aware of.

Free COVID-19 testing is being offered at Alderete Middle School as part of a collaboration with the City of El Paso’s Department of Public Health and Office of Emergency Management. The drive-thru site will be conducted by appointment only on select dates and times. Testing is open to everyone, with or without symptoms, and doctor referrals are not needed.

Also, Canutillo ISD will be hosting an Immunize El Paso Vaccination Clinic for the community Monday, June 29, 2020. It is mandated by the State that all students have up-to-date vaccinations in order to attend public school for the 2020-2021 school year. This is a helpful event because many doctors’ offices are only seeing patients through telemedicine or have reduced hours.

For more information about the various testing locations throughout the community and the immunization clinic, visit our website.

And last, here are a few important dates to remember. The District's summer hours will end on Friday, July 17, 2020. Regular hours will resume Monday, July 20, 2020. The start date for many teachers will be Monday, July 27, 2020, and the new first day of school for most students is Monday, August 3, 2020!

Have a great weekend!

Pedro Galaviz
Superintendent of School

Last updated June 18, 2020

Message from the SuperintendentDear Canutillo Community,

School districts throughout the nation are considering plans for reopening, including Canutillo ISD. Don’t expect a one size fits all model. Although we will seek guidance from national, state and local health authorities and will confer with other districts in our region, ultimately, we will implement a plan that makes sense for CISD. We are using the following principles to guide the formulation of our approach.

First and foremost, the safety of students, staff and parents will be the major driving factor in plan development. As we draw near a reopening, we will consider infection rates in our area and corresponding guidance. Also in the interest of safety, our protocols will require mandatory screening, social distancing, wearing of face masks and hand washing.

Next, any plan will be subject to change, which would be prompted by changes in circumstances. COVID 19 is a moving target, requiring the district to be agile and flexible.

Other important considerations will be maintaining the quality of the academic program and appropriateness of various instructional delivery methods for the different grade levels. The social emotional well-being of the children will also remain an important focus.

Finally, the district is committed to continuing its ongoing and open two-way communication process. We value your input in plan development and pledge to keep you informed of our progress.

Pedro Galaviz
Superintendent of School

Last updated June 11, 2020

Message from the SuperintendentDear Canutillo Community,

We hope you are having a safe, restful and enjoyable summer and are taking advantage of the free meals for children and the wonderful summer learning program we sent you.

For this next school year, we are having to make considerable changes to our traditional education model as this health crisis presents an extremely fluid and dynamic situation. In the best interests of students, teachers, staff and community members, we have adopted an intersessional school calendar. The first day of instruction will be on Monday, August 3, 2020. The calendar can be found at

This type of schedule provides flexibility in the event of an unexpected spike in virus cases in our region. We feel that extending the school year while working in more frequent breaks, to account for spikes in this virus and to make sure students don’t fall behind, is a prudent and pragmatic response to the current normalcy. This plan was developed with input from state officials, local health experts, teachers, administration and parents.

We are asking our parents and community for your opinion on reopening schools through surveys sent from your campus. Your campus survey can be found at: . Please make sure your contact information such as telephone number and email address is up to date by visiting the parent portal or calling your campus registrar.

Sometimes, we need to make personal sacrifices for the good of all. Rest assured, we will always base our decisions predicated upon safety and health above all other considerations.

Pedro Galaviz
Superintendent of School

Last updated June 4, 2020

Message from the SuperintendentDear Canutillo Community,

Today we mourn the loss and celebrate the life of George Floyd, who was killed by police in Minnesota. This incident has caused protests throughout the nation with calls to end racism. CISD joins this plea for equality, justice and love for fellow men and women, regardless of skin color. While it is clear that the vast majority of people value the sanctity of human life, there are other aspects of our world that seem to be taken for granted.

People often do not realize the value of something until they have lost it. Today we are all experiencing a sense of loss – for things we never knew we cherished. This health crisis and death of George Floyd have illuminated what is important in life.

For instance, physically gathering in a school building each day was the norm. It was no big deal, for many, just a dull routine. As we spend long days at home, we long to regain the sense of energy and love drawn from simple human-to-human interaction. We desire to recapture the magic of teaching and learning that can only be experienced within the four walls of a classroom, complemented by pleasant aromas emanating from the cafeteria, providing a hint of the day’s fare.

We wish for days of human embrace. Remember when you could put your arm around a grieving colleague or when an excited child could run up to hug her favorite teacher. Remember when we could shake hands or reach down and help a student off the ground.

The good news is those days will return. Our full and complete reunion will be determined by brilliant scientists around the world as they strive to develop an effective vaccine or treatment
for this disease. But we will return someday without masks and social distancing. And when we do, we will all have a greater appreciation for the blessing of physical human presence. We will have a deeper gratitude for the ability to reach out and touch students’ hands, and with that sacred human connection, once again fully reach their hearts and minds.

Reopening Schools
As we prepare to reopen our schools to students, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought new challenges to scheduling our school calendar as we try to maximize learning time and accommodate a variety of scenarios.

Parents might still not feel safe and ready to send their children back to school in the fall. We are looking at different learning models, including distance learning and hybrid solutions that would combine online and in-class instruction. We are designing what an instructional day looks like for elementary, middle and high school, including extracurricular activities.

Canutillo ISD will be adopting an intersessional calendar in order to have flexibility if a school closure becomes necessary. The Board of Trustees will vote on the calendar on Tuesday, June 9. The new calendar is proposing an earlier start date for teachers and students than previously planned.

Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) is Open
The online Application for Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) benefits to buy food is open. All Canutillo ISD schools are Community Eligibility Provision or Provision 2, meaning they offer free meals to all students. Therefore, all students that attend one of our schools are eligible. More information can be found on our website at

Food Distribution
Don’t forget to pick up your meals at Canutillo High School, Canutillo Elementary, and Deanna Davenport Elementary, curbside only. The program will be available Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., and continues through June 30. Visit our website for details!

During this time of food insecurity, we want to share a great opportunity with the community. There will be a food giveaway for Texas residents every Tuesday during the month of June (June 9, June 16, June 23 and June 30) from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. at Westside Community Church, 201 E. Sunset Rd., near Mesa and Osborne streets.

Update Your Contact Information
Parents, we will be communicating important school updates frequently. Please make sure your contact information such as telephone number and email address is up to date by visiting the parent portal or calling your campus registrar. For text alerts, send “Y” to 67587.

Pedro Galaviz
Superintendent of School

Last Update as of May 29, 2020

Message from the SuperintendentCongratulations to all our graduates! Forever people will recognize the Class of 2020 as a special group of students who faced a great challenge. May these unique circumstances give everyone resilience and inspiration to make the world a better place.

We are living in a new normal. The pandemic has prompted radical changes in life causing societal and individual mental stress. As a school district community and as a wider society, we have a choice. We can allow our frustrations to escalate, or we may choose a more peaceful, altruistic approach. We trust that our community will choose the latter.

We are anticipating guidance from TEA and the Governor and are working diligently in developing the best format to reopen schools in the fall. We don’t know exactly what this will look like, but the academic calendar is just one of the many things that is likely to change.

We are likely moving to an intersessional school calendar as recommended by Commissioner Morath. This would be to offset missed school days in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak. Please be assured that our planning takes into consideration social distancing, parent childcare issues, transportation, personnel, and we are communicating with other districts to align with each other as much as possible. If you have any questions about the proposed calendar, please contact your school principal.

Don’t forget that summer learning begins June 8 and our Curriculum and Instruction Department has prepared some amazing resources for all students, including a special program for migrant students, in English and Spanish. Students pre-k through 8th grade will receive a packet in the mail and all materials are available on our website at

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission and Texas Education Agency has announced that many families may be eligible to receive Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) benefits to buy food from any retailer that accepts the Texas Lone Star Card. Parents will also receive a school email regarding the P-EBT with more information on how to apply for these food benefits.

From the beginning, the district has maintained cooperative relationships with other governmental entities in respect to health officials’ guidance. We will continue to do so.

We are indeed at a turning point. Let us embrace peace and love for our brothers and sisters instead of allowing this health crisis to divide us. Strife can often tighten the bonds between people or it can tear them apart. Let this challenge bring us closer together. We will overcome together as a CISD family.

Pedro Galaviz
Superintendent of Schools

Last update as of May 22, 2020

Message from the SuperintendentMessage from the Superintendent

Dear Canutillo Community,

Today is the last day of a school year we will remember changed us forever. Through this challenge, we have learned not to take our loved ones, health care workers, teachers and each other for granted. Thank you, teachers and parents, for coming together in a time of crisis and keeping our students engaged and supported.

Today, we look to the future. We have begun our traditional end of year celebrations, commemorating the moments in unconventional ways. Some traditions have been suspended while new ones are created.

Our Canutillo High School graduates and their parents are walking the stage on Saturday where a video will be compiled and shared online. Northwest Early College graduates will have a drive-in ceremony and parade in their cars on Wednesday. The Class of 2020 has accepted the new reality and has chosen to conquer the challenges with courage.

We prepare for an uncertain next school year and will listen to authorities’ recommendations for continuing operations safely. Our President and Governor want schools to reopen this fall. As a result, TEA is strongly recommending a year-round school calendar.

Be prepared. Next year may look very different. School could start sooner than we originally planned. But be assured, we are taking all the necessary steps to mitigate COVID-19 and put the safety of students, staff and community first.

Until then, local health authorities are urging continued safeguards in view of the growing numbers of cases and deaths in El Paso County. It is our social responsibility to practice all requirements by health officials. Wearing a facemask is strongly recommended when interacting with others. Please continue to practice proper handwashing and social distancing as outlined in the CDC guidelines. We aim to protect not only our staff, but also the most vulnerable in our community - the elderly and those with underlying conditions.

Our Child Nutrition program will continue to feed students during the summer break. Starting Tuesday, May 26, Canutillo High School, Canutillo Elementary, and Deanna Davenport Elementary will offer meals curbside only. Bus delivery is not available in the summer. The Seamless Summer Option program will be available Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., and continues through June 30. We will continue distributing meals for the weekend on Fridays. Visit our website for more information:

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. Remember and honor the heroes who sacrificed their lives to ensure our freedom.
Dr. Pedro Galaviz
Superintendent of Schools

Last update as of Friday, May 15, 2020

Message from the SuperintendentMessage from the Superintendent

Dear Community,

These last weeks have been fun and exciting recognizing teachers. First of all, congratulations to all of our campus teachers of the year. I know how much our community appreciates every single teacher and have recently come to know just how valuable they are during the coronavirus situation!

This week, we surprised two teachers at their homes for being named top educators of the year in the District. Reyes Elementary School Teacher of the Year Nancy Campero was selected as the CISD Elementary Teacher of the Year, and Canutillo High School Teacher of the Year Anthony Lopez-Waste was selected as the CISD Secondary Teacher of the Year. Ms. Campero and Mr. Lopez-Waste will represent us at the Teacher of the Year contest for Region 19 later this summer.

We are excited to announce our summer learning initiative! Our Curriculum & Instruction Department has developed Summer S.A.L.T. (Sustaining Academic Learning Together), a robust remote instruction program that will launch June 8. The program partners with you, our parents, and supports the continued growth and learning of your students to prevent a loss of information and preserve all they learned this year. School closures due to COVID-19 may have a bigger impact on students and the amount of information students lose over the summer will be greater. So, get ready. We have an exciting summer planned for you!

Please note that the District will begin the summer schedule starting Monday, June 1 through Friday, July 31. All campuses and district offices will be closed on Fridays.

Lastly, Texas Governor Abbott has ordered a phased reopening of businesses and services and has loosened restrictions on people. However, local officials have filed a request to be exempted from certain aspects of his directive in view of the growing number of cases and deaths in the county. CISD will continue to follow the guidance of our local experts in the best interest of our district and community. These officials are closest to our unique situation and are in the best position to make informed decisions regarding health and safety matters.

Have a great restful weekend and stay safe.

Dr. Pedro Galaviz
Superintent of Schools

Last update as of Friday, May 8, 2020

Message from the SuperintendentTeacher Appreciation Week, Nurses day and more

Dear Canutillo community,

This week across the country we celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week, Nurses Day and kicked off National Physical Education and Sports Month. Praise of educators has risen every day since schools closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. On behalf of administration, the school board and this great community, thank you for all the work that you do. I am honored that you have chosen Canutillo Independent School District as a place to make a difference.

Since the crisis began, our district has been working intensely to ensure that our mission and vision did not cease and that every child received the opportunity to succeed despite the drastic changes to their learning environment. Today, we remain vigilant and continue to adapt to a rapidly changing situation. While we are hopeful that our nation will rise above and defeat the threat, we will do everything we can to keep our students, staff and community safe.

The last day of school is May 22. We are working with campus principals to find a safe way for students to return library books, textbooks, instruments and pick up their personal items. Campus principals will be communicating with parents about their plans within the next week.

We are leading our region in hybrid and virtual graduation ceremony planning in lieu of our traditional events. Our principals worked hard to develop a plan that would provide the much- deserved recognition for our seniors, while ensuring safety in view of the pandemic. While the ideal would be to gather together for commencement, as in the past, we are not living in normal times.

And, we are already looking ahead to the next school year to how we will adapt our operations and start a new year of learning safely and most effectively. Though we don’t know exactly what this would look like yet, whether we will hold classes in person, remotely or a hybrid of both on a limited schedule, we will be ready to educate our kids.

El Paso County continues to record new cases on a daily basis. Because of this fluid and dynamic situation, all district plans are subject to change based on up-to-date information from health authorities.

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all of our beautiful moms raising beautiful children. Celebrate safely and stay healthy.

Dr. Pedro Galaviz
Superintendent of Schools

Last update as of  May 1, 2020

Message from the SuperintendentMessage from Superintendent

Dear Canutillo Community,

I am excited to announce that the Board of Trustees approved a $4.8 million request to purchase Apple devices for every student in the district. This pandemic has caused us to act and rethink our educational environment, and we are going to do our part in providing equitable access to learning for all students. We are planning on issuing devices in Fall 2020. Students from Pre-Kinder through 2nd will receive iPads, 3rd through 12th grades will receive a laptop.

Today we celebrate School Lunch Hero Day in CISD! I want to thank all of our Child Nutrition staff for creating the conditions in our schools that help our staff and students succeed. Your dedication to your profession, to this district, and most importantly to the children is commendable!

We also celebrate National Principals’ Day. We take pause to express our sincere appreciation to our school leaders, who have played a vital role in making CISD a premier district. We thank them for guiding, coaching, supervising and leading our campuses to greatness. They shine even brighter today because of their exemplary responses to the health crisis. We are fortunate to have them at the helms of our schools.

I’d like to take this moment to also remind you to please complete the #2020Census. Census data helps communities plan funding for hospitals, clinics and emergency services. An accurate count helps public health officials know who is at risk and helps first responders identify the resources they need to protect our communities.
Lastly, Governor Abbott has ordered a limited reopening of Texas, beginning today. His new guidance allows theaters, retail stores and restaurants to resume business. However, they must restrict their occupancy to 25%. This directive supersedes local orders, however, local leaders strongly recommend continuing preventive measures, such as social distancing, use of facemasks and hand washing. I strongly agree. I urge all members of the CISD community to exercise great caution during this first reopening phase.

I am heartened by the way our district family has responded to this health crisis. Your courage, fortitude and love are always recognized and appreciated. These individual and collective attributes will help us weather this storm. There will be brighter days ahead.

Pedro Galaviz
Superintendent of Schools

Last update as of  April 24, 2020

Message from the SuperintendentMessage from Superintendent

Dear Canutillo Community,

CISD has received new guidance from county health officials, including a mandate that people going out in public wear face masks or coverings. There are a few exceptions: if you’re by yourself and with members of your household only, or when wearing a face mask poses a
greater health risk. "We are still seeing double digits in the number of (new) positive cases and we have not reached our peak, which is why we keep insisting that people need to stay home and avoid leaving your home unless absolutely necessary. If you must leave your home for essential activities, then wear a cloth face covering." (City/County Health Authority Dr. Hector Ocaranza)

I encourage all district employees, students, and parents to follow the guidance from
authorities to protect yourselves and others. There has been much debate recently about the
need to restore our regular routines and services, such as opening up stores, gyms, salons and
even schools. While we understand and are sensitive to the financial implications of current
stay at home orders, we will continue to follow guidance provided by our local government,
which is consistently informed by health professionals and is responsive to area trends in
COVID19 cases.

CISD places the safety and health of community members above other interests during this
critical time. I have faith that if we steadfastly adhere to the guidance from health authorities,
we will emerge from this challenge stronger, wiser and more appreciative for what is most
important in life.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Pedro Galaviz
Superintendent of Schools

Last update as of  April 17, 2020

Message from the SuperintendentClassrooms to be Closed Remainder of the 2019-2020 Academic Year

Good afternoon Canutillo Community,

Governor Abbott issued a new order today that school classrooms will continue to be closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic school year. Remote learning will continue until May 22, except for Northwest Early College High School which ends May 20. Our top priority continues to be the health and safety of our students, teachers, staff, their families, and our community. We will ensure that our students’ needs are met by continuing to provide meals and services to keep kids feeling safe and connected during these times, and support so students can continue to learn and grow academically.

I encourage you to continuously visit our website. You will find information on remote learning, registration, code of conduct and other items I know parents are dealing with during this health emergency.

We have all entered a new age, a new normal. These unfamiliar and uncertain times have prompted fundamental choices for our CISD family. We can elect to focus on the negatives associated with losing our cherished lifestyles or we can embrace a more positive outlook - a perspective grounded in selflessness, kindness and love for neighbor. We can choose to do the minimum until the storm passes or we can choose to be exceptional.

Based on what I’ve seen a month into this crisis, I am proud to say our students, parents, teachers, trustees and staff have selected the more virtuous path, the higher road.

Teachers are employing creative remote instructional approaches while communicating with their students via online platforms. Parents have become even stronger partners in education. Food service employees selflessly show up each day to provide meals. Custodians work tirelessly to sanitize our buildings. Resilient students are readily adjusting to new learning formats and schedules. Trustees are thoughtfully amending policies to support our current needs. And the list goes on.

Yes, our CISD family is choosing to be exceptional. We are embracing love and kindness. James Lane Allen wrote, “Adversity does not build character, it reveals it.” CISD is proving to be a district filled with people of great character. It has been my honor and joy to serve alongside you all.

Pedro Galaviz
Superintendent of Schools

Last update as of April 9, 2020

Spring Holiday Message

Dear Canutillo community,

As we enter this long holiday weekend, I encourage you to reflect on the challenges and opportunities we’ve had these past few weeks. Even though many of us will be separated from family and friends, we can make productive use of time. We can be still. We can gain perspective on what is really important in life. We can be truly present for loved ones. We can get to know things about our children that we miss in the midst of the daily grind.

“You don’t make the timeline, the virus makes the timeline,” said the nation’s leading expert on infectious diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and this pathogen is spreading through El Paso, with about 200 diagnosed cases as of this writing. Authorities believe there could be more undiagnosed cases in our region.

The virus is now establishing its timeline in our beloved community. Although we all wish we could gather with family and friends again, it is not the time to let our guard down. In fact, it is the time to be more vigilant than ever before. We must therefore continue to strictly adhere to the wise guidance issued by government officials.

Together we can slow the spread just by staying at home! If you must go out, stay at least 6 feet away from others, and disinfect frequently touched surfaces like countertops and doorknobs whenever you return. Keep germs away by washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. To keep from spreading germs, avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth and cover a cough or sneeze with your elbow. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 – a fever, dry cough, or shortness of breath – call your doctor. Also, the CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain such as grocery stores.

I sincerely appreciate the efforts of our dedicated faculty and staff during these challenging times. My deep thanks also go to our parents and students for their diligent work at home as this health crisis persists. We are all in this together and we will emerge from it together. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Pedro Galaviz
Superintendent of Schools

Last Update as of April 7, 2020

Tutoring Available for English Learners

The Academic Language Services tutors will be available to support any English Learning student that needs assistance with their work at home. 

Elementary School
Fiorella Barrs (915) 300-7743
Daniela Garcia      
(915) 999-6783
Claudia Lechuga
Adriana Villalva
(915) 526-6561
Middle and High School
Sarah Johnson
Flor Lozano
Luis Lopez Ledezma.

Last update as of April 1, 2020

Happy Census Day!

Dear Canutillo community,

Happy Census Day! Even during the current crisis, the 2020 Census is important. Remember, your responses are safe, secure, and protected by federal law regardless of your immigration status. While you are at home, you can respond online now at 2020CENSUS.GOV, or call 844-330-2020, 844-468-2020 (Spanish), or by mail. Share with everyone!

We are aware of the overwhelming stress that adults and children are faced with during this difficult time. For this reason, Canutillo ISD is offering the following services.

  • A Support Services Help Line to assist with the various challenges that our families are facing. This line is meant to be a resource line to the Canutillo Community for non-life-threatening situations. Call 915-877-7686 and leave a detailed message. A Canutillo
    representative will contact you within 60 to 90 minutes from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • For Canutillo ISD employees: Employee Assistance Program-Aetna (EAP) has a vast array of resources to assist and meet your needs and your family’s needs. Visit  
  • Visit for a list of district counselors and other
    helpful information.

Though we are apart right now for our health and safety, we continue to support each other as
a community, and right now we must work together to fight COVID-19. If we stand apart as a
community during this stretch and continue following the public health practices we will be
sharing over the coming days, we will be back together soon.

I am grateful for all the work our teachers, staff and community have done to keep our students
active, learning, and healthy. Way to #BeCanutillo! We truly are a #PremierDistrict.

Dr. Pedro Galaviz
Superintendent of Schools

Last update as of April 1, 2020

Food Pantry Distribution Event Cancelled

CISD/El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Mobile Food Pantry Distribution Event scheduled on the first Thursday of each month has been canceled until further notice due to circumstances stemming from the Coronavirus outbreak.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Last update as of March 31, 2020

Texas Governor Greg Abbott extends the closure of traditional school setting until May 4.

Please note remote learning and meal distribution for children will continue during the extended closure. Business operations will also continue during the extended closure.

The City of El Paso and the El Paso Health Department officials will have a coronavirus update today at 5 p.m.

Last update as of March 31, 2020

Business operations continue at Canutillo Independent School District. Please continue processing and delivering services and products. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding purchase orders
please contact 915-877-7401.

Last update as of Monday, March 30, 2020

It was a busy but productive day for all of our students and teachers who returned to classes remotely today! I know it wasn’t a perfect experience for everyone at first, but I assure you that our teachers and staff will continue to work diligently until every student has access to the best education possible in this challenging environment.

As many of you may be aware, the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the nation and in our region. Federal officials are therefore extending social distancing guidelines to the end of April. Local leaders are also imposing stricter guidance given the increasing coronavirus cases in El Paso County. Health authorities have seen evidence of community spread in our region.

In view of this quickly growing health crisis, CISD will continue to ramp up online learning opportunities and provisions for meals. Business operations continue at Canutillo ISD while suppliers continue to process and deliver services and products.

The district will continue to provide our community with updates as appropriate. We highly recommend that you follow recommendations issued by government officials such as proper hand washing, social distancing, and seeking medical care if you exhibit symptoms of this disease.

Charles Dederich wrote, “today is the first day of the rest of your life.” These words are inspiring because they provide hope that each new day provides fresh opportunities to begin anew, in spite of the obstacles. It is in this spirit that CISD will make every effort to ensure our community stays healthy, while continuing to receive quality education. Today is indeed the first day in our common path towards better times.

Dr. Pedro Galaviz
Superintendent of Schools

Last update as of March 27, 2020

Keep Calm and #BeCanutillo

Dear Canutillo community,

As we gear up for the beginning of this new phase of online learning on Monday, I want you to keep this in mind for next week.

Our teachers and staff are valued by our students, parents, and the leaders of this community. Just like doctors and nurses are on the front lines of healthcare in this crisis, they play a critical role in keeping our children feeling safe, loved, and secure while preparing them for their futures.

Second, this unprecedented crisis has brought new challenges for us to face as a community in terms of mental health. Our students will have to adapt to a new way of learning while our parents are facing changes of their own like financial and work issues. Remain patient, understanding, and composed when dealing with stressful situations that may arise during the new online period. There are many resources and we are here to help.

Last but not least, do your part in helping our entire community stay healthy by staying home and distant from others as much as possible. The sooner we stop the spread, the sooner we can go back to normal.

Here are a few reminders in case you missed it.

  • Canutillo ISD has extended its campus closures until further notice.
  • The district’s online learning program will begin on March 30. Visit our website to learn more about Online Learning and download The Remote Learning Toolkit.
  • In order to continue to protect your health, beginning March 30, we are making adjustments to the breakfast and lunch schedule. We will be combining breakfast and lunch pick up to minimize contact. Bus delivery and curbside will still be available. View the current schedule.

Indeed, times have changed. We must adjust to a new reality, to a new world. We are all in this together. And we will emerge from this challenge through our collective actions; we will arrive upon brighter and better days together. It is my hope that when we do, we will all have a greater appreciation for life, a deeper love for one another and an unwavering confidence that we can overcome any obstacle, when we work together.

Please continue to check our website, download our mobile app, opt-in to text, and follow our social media to stay informed. Thank you for all that you do for our students.


Dr. Pedro Galaviz
Superintendent of Schools

Last update as of March 26, 2020

Canutillo Independent School District to close until further notice

The Canutillo Independent School District has extended its campus closures until further notice.

The district’s online learning program will begin March 30. Visit our website to learn more about Online Learning and download The Remote Learning Toolkit at

Distribution of electronic devices to families has begun. The district is distributing one electronic device per family who does not have either a home computer, laptop or tablet at home. Parents will be contacted by their campus for distribution details.

Meal distribution for children will continue during the extended closure. To view the current schedule, visit

All other district events are postponed.

Please continue to check our website to stay informed. Thank you for all that you do. Please remember to do your part in keeping everyone safe by washing your hands often and practicing proper social distancing.

Last update as of March 25, 2020

Online Learning starts March 30, 2020

Dear Parents and Students,

Who would have thought a month ago we would be facing this global crisis? But please know that Canutillo ISD has your back! We have pulled together as a team to jump over this hurdle to provide online instruction for your children. Thank you for joining with us to make this work.


  • Online instruction begins on Monday, March 30th via Google Classroom (GC).
  • Any child who does not have device to use at home should contact their home school. All campuses will be distributing a device to students (1 per family) by the end of the week. Please expect a call-out from the school or check their websites.
  • If you need internet service, please contact your child’s school who can put you in contact with a parent liaison who will guide you through the process. The district is purchasing hot-spots and will get them to the community as quickly as possible. We will keep you updated as soon as this is available. Realize that the district does not know when schools will physically reopen.
  • A Parent Toolkit showing parents how students can log into Google Classroom, a schedule you can use to keep your child on a routine, access to all online resources, including a library of over 6,000 digital books available in English and Spanish, plus so much more is at the link below. PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT, IT IS SUCH A VALUABLE RESOURCE AND CAN ANSWER MANY QUESTIONS.

Click here to download Parent Toolkit

(Spanish version available here)

  • If you experience any difficulties with the assignments contact the teacher first. Now, more than ever, this relationship will be so important to your child’s success. We have asked to reach out to their students and parents during this time so you feel confident with this online platform.
  • Principals can also solve issues like password reset, or technical issues by forwarding your requests to the appropriate personnel who will reach out to you quickly.
  • For devices that are not working please email or call:


  • You can also visit our website for frequently asked questions. If you would like to pose a question not answered here, please call 915-877-7401. We continue to add questions and answers as they come in.

  • Stay informed! Please visit our website to receive the latest information from the district:

Finally, this may be our new “normal”. We expect there may be some glitches for a few, but overall, we expect things to go smoothly. Just think, in two weeks the district has found a way to provide meals to students and online instruction to over 6000 students. The district appreciates your patience and your PARTNERSHIP during this time.

Working for Kids,
Office of the Superintendent

Last update as of March 25, 2020

The City of El Paso "Stay Home, Work Safe."

To comply with the City of El Paso's Local Emergency Directive to "Stay Home, Work Safe" Order issued on March 24, 2020, please note the following:
  1. Essential activities at the campuses must continue for the health and safety of others.
  2. The five campuses where Child Nutrition is preparing meals must also have one custodian available from Monday to Friday to support the mission.
  3. Staff should continue to enforce all of CDC's preventative recommendations; including social distancing while performing their duties.
During these uncertain times, we’d like to reassure all our district employees who continue to provide services, either onsite or online, that you will get paid during the district closure. To address the closure of the District, the administration implemented board polices, EB and DEA which provide the Superintendent the authority to close schools for reasons of public health and safety. Policy DEA also allows the District to compensate employees during an emergency closure. The Administration is working through these difficult times and will discuss necessary steps with the Board at a future date.

The City of El Paso is dedicated to keeping you up-to-date with information regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Questions may be submitted through their EP311 app at the top of the page. Visit

Last update as of March 24, 2020

The City of El Paso Issues a "shelter in place"

The City and the County of El Paso have issued “shelter in place” orders for all residents beginning Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. — the strictest measure of its kind yet in the continental United States — directing everyone to stay inside their homes and away from others as much as possible until further notice in a critical move to curb the rapid spread of coronavirus across the region.

The Canutillo Independent School District steadfastly supports the shelter-in-place order issued by El Paso City, County and health officials. We have already put measures in place consistent with this directive.

Until further notice, only essential staff will report to work to complete critical functions, such as payroll, food services, and police services. These efforts will enable the district to serve our students, employees and community during this challenging time. The majority of our employees, including teachers and support staff, will perform their job duties via technology from their homes. All employees should remain on call during this time. Meals will continue to be served to students.

CISD has gained a reputation for being at the leading edge of instructional programming. We aim to maintain this high standard through online teaching strategies and learning opportunities beginning March 30. However, our greatest priority at this critical time is to join hands with our regional partners to ensure the safety and welfare of all of our citizens, including the young, the elderly, those with underlying health conditions, the economically disadvantaged and all other vulnerable populations.

Superintendent Galaviz stated, “Based on current statistics, the young people we serve have been mostly spared from the devastating effects of the disease, including death, with some exceptions. However, young people can transmit it to the most vulnerable in our community. We therefore have a moral responsibility to protect our senior citizens and those with compromised immune systems from the virus. There are some recent indications that younger people have also become very ill. So, I implore all CISD families to strictly follow this guidance. Please stay home, don’t socialize, wash your hands and keep your distance from others. We are all in this together and we will overcome this crisis together.”

Last update as of Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Message from the Board President

Dear Canutillo Community,

As the global community urgently addresses COVID-19 (coronavirus) and its devastating effects, Canutillo ISD continues to monitor all information and make adjustments to our plans.

Until further notice, only essential staff will report to work to complete critical functions, such as payroll, food services, and police services. These efforts will enable the district to serve our students, employees and community during this challenging time.

The majority of our employees, including teachers and support staff, will perform their job duties via technology from their homes. All employees should remain on call during this time.

Human Resources has deployed a survey asking employees about travel and if they have come in contact with anyone known to have COVID-19. Please take this seriously as it is a directive from the Public Health Department and it provides vital information that helps us keep everyone safe.

As we continue to work through these unprecedented events, we want to reassure all our district employees who continue to provide services, either onsite or online, that they will get paid during the district closure.

We sincerely appreciate all of our employees who have stepped up during these trying times - from transportation, maintenance and food service staff to faculty, administrators and other professionals. Your courageous efforts and fortitude in the midst of this crisis will never be forgotten.

Please continue to check our website to stay informed. Thank you for all that you do. Please remember to do your part in keeping everyone safe by washing your hands often and practicing proper social distancing.



Sergio Coronado
Canutillo ISD, Board President

Last update as of Monday, March 23, 2020

Message from Superintendent

Dear Canutillo community,

Once again, I’d like to thank the Canutillo ISD community for its patience and support as we monitor our situation regarding the spread of COVID-19.

There has never been a better time to show what it means to #BeCanutillo than now. Life in our community, in our city and across the world has changed for the coming months. I have seen firsthand how extraordinary our community is, and I am proud of the dedication, compassion and leadership you have shown throughout these uncertain weeks.

Online Learning
A new way of life will emerge from the crisis, and I’m sure Canutillo will soar through all of the challenges. We are finding new and innovative ways to teach our children and operate the district. As we shift to a new model of remote learning off and online, this week, teachers will engage in planning lessons for next week. Monday, March 30th will be the first day of remote instruction. More information will be provided later this week. Your cooperation and understanding are appreciated.

Mental Health
I also understand that as information about Coronavirus unfolds, there can be a wide range of thoughts, feelings and reactions. Fear and anxiety can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. Coping with stress will make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger. Our CISD School Counselors are valuable supports during this time, so please visit for their contact information and a list of helpful tips, lessons, and community resources.

Health & Nutrition
As a school district, we are not only in the business of nourishing minds, but also have a great responsibility to nourish our students’ bodies. Therefore, we have taken steps to provide free meals to our students during this challenging time. For more details please visit our website.

We will continue to keep you updated. Please continue to check our website to stay informed. Thank you for all that you do. Please remember to do your part in keeping everyone safe by washing your hands often and practicing proper social distancing.

Continue to be strong, be hopeful and be safe. #BeCanutillo!


Dr. Pedro Galaviz
Canutillo ISD Superintendent of Schools

Last update as of Friday, March 20, 2020

Canutillo ISD will be distributing free, take-home meals

The Canutillo ISD emergency preparedness Child Nutrition program will offer bus delivery and curbside pickup of breakfast and lunch to children ages 18 and under, Monday through Friday beginning March 23.

Free breakfast and lunch will be provided to any child, regardless of their enrollment status in the district the weeks of March 23-27 and March 30-April 3. The meals will be to take home. No dinning will be allowed in the schools. We strongly encourage your child be present to receive the meal.

Buses will distribute breakfast and lunch at designated bus stops. Students that wish to pick up meals at the bus stop click here for an online list of bus stops and times or download a PDF here.

Drive-thru curbside pickup of breakfast will be available from 8:15-9:00 a.m. and lunch from 12:15-1:00 p.m. at the following schools:

  • Canutillo High School
  • Childress Elementary
  • Canutillo Elementary
  • Garcia Elementary
  • Davenport Elementary (curbside breakfast pick up from 7:00-9:00 a.m. and lunch from 11:00-1:00)

Canutillo is committed to serving our children while keeping our community safe and healthy during these challenging times. Please continue to wash your hands often and practice proper social distancing.

Continue to be strong, be hopeful and be safe. #BeCanutillo!

Safety Guidelines

  • Meals must be eaten immediately or should be stored in the refrigerator within 1 hour. 
  • Cold foods should be kept at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or under.
  • Hot foods are intended to be eaten immediately after being served and consumed hot.
  • If hot food is saved for later consumption, it must be reheated to at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • And remember always wash your hands.
  • Attached is a link from USDA in how to wash your hands(49-second video) 


Update as of Monday, March 16, 2020

TEA Waives STAAR Requirements

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath announces today that state requirements for the STAAR exam have been waived in response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) school closures.

Update as of Sunday, March 15, 2020

Canutillo ISD extends Emergency Preparedness weeks to April 6

The El Paso Department of Public Health has directed school districts to remain closed to students through April 3. Canutillo ISD will follow these directives and will reopen to students Monday, April 6.

The change to the Canutillo ISD school calendar regarding COVID-19 is officially a two-week closure (March 23, 2020 through April 3, 2020) following the already-scheduled Spring break (March 16-20, 2020). Students will return on Monday, April 6, 2020.

As per the Department of Public Health, all staff and students who have traveled outside of El Paso, Las Cruces or Juarez within 14 days of our April 6th re-opening, will have to remain home 14 more days. They can only return to school if they are asymptomatic.

Canutillo ISD will serve free breakfast and lunch for any child ages 1-18 in El Paso who may need a meal during the declared weeks of emergency preparedness of March 23 - April 3, when the District will be closed.

The Breakfast schedule at these campuses will be from 7 am to 9 am.
The Lunch schedule at these campuses will be from 11 am to 1 pm.

The meals will be served at the following schools:

  • Canutillo High School
  • Bill Childress Elementary
  • Garcia Elementary
  • Canutillo Elementary

We will have essential staff on duty as needed during March 23 – April 3 for emergency preparedness. All employees will remain on call during the emergency preparedness weeks.
Beginning March 30, the district will provide online learning opportunities for students during the school closure. We encourage parents to have their students engage in these online learning opportunities. During this time off, the district will be thoroughly sanitizing our campuses and district offices.

We continue coordinating all efforts with the Texas Education Agency, Office of Emergency Management and leadership at the City of El Paso, the County of El Paso, UTEP, EPCC, local hospitals and other area school districts.

The health and safety of our students, staff and community continue to remain our highest priority. We are monitoring the situation closely and will update you with the best information as it becomes available. Please continue to check this page or call 211 for any updates throughout the closure, and we strongly encourage you to continue to practice good hand hygiene, and remain committed in your efforts to keep your family in good health.

Be Canutillo and Stay El Paso STRONG.


Update as of Friday, March 13, 2020

Dear Canutillo Families and Students:

The growing concerns over COVID-19 (coronavirus) have led us to adjust our school calendar. The health of our employees and students is our top priority, and while there have been no cases in Canutillo or the El Paso area, we believe it is better to operate with caution.

In order to proactively protect the health and safety of our students and campus community, the Canutillo Independent School District has declared a week of emergency preparedness following the already-scheduled Spring Break. Spring Break is March 16-20 and the emergency preparedness week is March 23-27. Students and staff will return on Monday, March 30.

All out-of-town, school-related travel has been canceled indefinitely for students and staff.

We are coordinating all of efforts with the Texas Education Agency, Office of Emergency Management and leadership at the City of El Paso, the County of El Paso, UTEP, EPCC, local hospitals and other area school districts.

The district will use this additional time to deep clean our schools and buses. We have made this decision to be proactive as families may be returning from spring break travel. We know that many of our families use spring break as an opportunity for travel, please consider current state and national travel restrictions and CDC guidelines.

All facilities will be closed to the public March 16-27, 2020. However, March 23-27, the district will offer a CHILD Nutrition program for all students at select campuses. A schedule of meal times and locations will be communicated next week. WE ASK PARENTS TO CONTACT THEIR CHILD’S SCHOOL IF THEY HAVE NOT RECENTLY PROVIDED THE MOST UPDATED CONTACT INFORMATION.

If you need any more information regarding COVID19, please call 211 or visit for more information on the district’s plan and prevention tips.

Be Canutillo and Stay El Paso STRONG.


Update as of Sunday, March 15, 2020

In order to proactively protect the health and safety of our students and campus community, Canutillo ISD will follow directives given by the El Paso Department of Public Health to remain closed to students through April 3 and reopen Monday, April 6. The health of our students and employees is our top priority.

During the emergency preparedness period, March 23-April 3, staff will be on duty to provide essential services to the district and facilitate distance learning for students. CISD will offer breakfast and lunch for all students at select campuses according to the schedule below. Breakfast will be served from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m., and lunch from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at:

• Canutillo High School
• Bill Childress Elementary
• Garcia Elementary
• Canutillo Elementary

The District will adhere to the following Department of Public Health guidance:

• Children with special health care needs will not return for the current school year.
• Students and faculty who have traveled in the past 14 days will have to stay home an additional 14 days and can only return if asymptomatic.
• Children with flu-like symptoms will be sent home and may return after fever and cough have reduced after 24 hours.
• All schools must cancel mass gatherings, including sports, commencement ceremonies and concerts.
• From the first day back to school, data must be collected daily on absenteeism due to flu-like illnesses by grade and school.
• Schools must educate students and faculty on effective hygiene activity, such as proper hand washing, cleaning work surfaces and social distancing.
• Stagger lunches to prevent large gatherings in the cafeteria.

Update as of Thursday, March 12, 2020

Dear Canutillo ISD community,

We would like to assure you that in these times of uncertainty, the health and safety of our students, staff and community remain our highest priority. With the increased concerns and rapid changes regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are monitoring the situation closely and will update you with the best information as it becomes available.

We met with city health officials today about a joint regional response. We remain vigilant and hopeful while we endure this serious public health concern. Canutillo ISD is committed to the well-being of our students, staff, and community, and slowing the spread of the coronavirus while also supporting our students’ educational goals and the needs of staff members and students. We are working together to keep El Paso Strong.

Here are a few updates to inform you about what the district is doing immediately to protect our students and staff and what you can do to protect yourselves to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Schools to remain open until further notice

At this time, the El Paso Public Health Department is not recommending closing schools. Experts report that individuals under 18 years of age have not been shown to be a high-risk group for serious illness from this virus.

Currently, there are no known cases of COVID-19 in El Paso County. If a staff member or student in a specific school is confirmed to have COVID-19, the superintendent and local public health officials will consider, based on the specific facts and circumstances of that case, whether closure of that school is warranted.

Google Classroom

In preparing for the case of a school closure, teachers will implement Google Classroom with their students from home. Any barriers to access will be reported to school administrators. We will provide training opportunities and several training videos are available online.

District Travel Ban

To prevent the exposure to the virus in other affected areas, students or employees will not be allowed to travel on school business until further notice.

Event Cancellations

The CISD Fine Arts Showcase & National Census Day event scheduled for April 1 @ CHS has been cancelled. We encourage you to continue to advocate to your local community about the importance of completing the census.

Government health officials have recommended that schools postpone or cancel mass gatherings and community events where large numbers of people are within arm’s length of one another. This is a difficult decision, as we know many of you have been looking forward to these events. All upcoming school and district related large gatherings will be evaluated on a case by case basis and need approval from the superintendent.

Cleaning and disinfecting

Custodial staff have been directed to clean and disinfect the entire campus during spring break including all common areas such as restrooms, corridors, cafeterias, vestibules, and cafeterias.

In addition, campus teachers and staff members will clean and disinfect their classrooms and work areas with a focus on high traffic areas such as doorknobs, desks, and equipment.

Here are some approved disinfectants that you can use at home:

  • Clorox Multi Surface Cleaner + Bleach
  • Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
  • Clorox Commercial Solutions® Clorox® Disinfecting Spray
  • Lysol brand Heavy-Duty Cleaner Disinfectant Concentrate
  • Lysol Disinfectant Max Cover Mist
  • Lysol brand Clean & Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • Purell Professional Surface Disinfectant Wipes
  • Sani-Prime Germicidal Spray

Spring Break Personal Travel

If any of our families or staff travel to any affected areas over the spring break and start to show symptoms of illness, please seek immediate medical attention and follow physician directions on treatment and when to return to work or school.

Health Guidelines

We continue to emphasize that the best way to prevent infection is to avoid being exposed to a virus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends everyday preventive actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses such as:

  • Washing your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Use an alcohol-based (at least 70% alcohol) hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available.
  • Cough into a tissue or your elbow (not your hand). Then throw the tissue away and wash hands.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid contact with people who are sick.
  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Keep students home if their temperature is above 100.0 F (37.8 C) or they report not feeling well, appear weak or ill.
  • Consult your health care provider if you or your child have special health conditions that put you at increased risk.
  • Talk to your children about coronavirus and what they can do to prevent infection.

Continue to monitor our website, download the mobile app, and follow district social media accounts for the most recent developments. For more information on COVID-19, visit: