Online Learning
Online Learning starts March 30, 2020

Dear Parents:

I hope this message finds you and your family well. This is such a time of uncertainty that as a district, we are asking EVERYONE to be patient and mindful of the changing economic/home conditions for Canutillo families and employees as this time.

Our main purpose with remote learning is to ensure instructional continuity for children, not to put undue pressure on parents or students. So, we believe it is best to forego this week’s date for progress reports and delay until April 28th. This will give everyone a chance to get used to remote learning with 3 weeks under their belts.

This does not mean that our learning community will not be communicating with you. I hope that you are all able to maintain some communication with teachers through Google Classroom (GC), Class Dojo, Remind, or email.

Of course, we have high expectations for our students and we know that students who actively engage in remote learning will have a better chance of not falling behind. But as a district, we understand issues of equity and are asking teachers to have an open-mind when grading. Finally, we want to say THANK YOU for the support you are providing your children at home.
God bless you and yours,

Marnie E. Rocha
Associate Superintendent

Dear Parents and Students,

Who would have thought a month ago we would be facing this global crisis? But please know that Canutillo ISD has your back! We have pulled together as a team to jump over this hurdle to provide online instruction for your children. Thank you for joining with us to make this work.


  • Online instruction begins on Monday, March 30th via Google Classroom (GC).
  • Any child who does not have device to use at home should contact their home school. All campuses will be distributing a device to students (1 per family) by the end of the week. Please expect a call-out from the school or check their websites.
  • If you need internet service, please contact your child’s school who can put you in contact with a parent liaison who will guide you through the process. The district is purchasing hot-spots and will get them to the community as quickly as possible. We will keep you updated as soon as this is available. Realize that the district does not know when schools will physically reopen.
  • A Parent Toolkit showing parents how students can log into Google Classroom, a schedule you can use to keep your child on a routine, access to all online resources, including a library of over 6,000 digital books available in English and Spanish, plus so much more is at the link below. PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT, IT IS SUCH A VALUABLE RESOURCE AND CAN ANSWER MANY QUESTIONS.

Click here to download Parent Toolkit

(Spanish version available here)

  • If you experience any difficulties with the assignments contact the teacher first. Now, more than ever, this relationship will be so important to your child’s success. We have asked to reach out to their students and parents during this time so you feel confident with this online platform.
  • Principals can also solve issues like password reset, or technical issues by forwarding your requests to the appropriate personnel who will reach out to you quickly.
  • For devices that are not working please email or call:


  • You can also visit our website for frequently asked questions. If you would like to pose a question not answered here, please call 915-877-7401. We continue to add questions and answers as they come in.

  • Stay informed! Please visit our website to receive the latest information from the district:

Finally, this may be our new “normal”. We expect there may be some glitches for a few, but overall, we expect things to go smoothly. Just think, in two weeks the district has found a way to provide meals to students and online instruction to over 6000 students. The district appreciates your patience and your PARTNERSHIP during this time.

Working for Kids,
Office of the Superintendent