Q & A

Q: If my child is a returning student to the district, do they still need to register?

Yes, every student, new or returning, must complete online registration every year.

Q: Where do I register my child?

A: For the 2020-21 school year, all campus registrations will be completed online. If you are a returning or new student, you must complete online registration. More information available at Please notify the campus registrar that you have completed registration. The campus registrar contact information can be found under the About Us section on your campus website.

If you are changing campuses for the 2020-2021 academic year, please fill out this form: and upload to online registration. Once a transfer is requested in TEAMS, the system will electronically send information to the appropriate personnel for approval. Upon approval and notification to the campus registrar, the registrar will contact you so you can complete the rest of online registration.

Transfers requested for the current 2019-2020 school year please contact the Associate Superintendent’s office at 915.877.7475. During this period of remote learning, we highly recommend that the student remains enrolled at their current campus. The transfer deadline is May 1, 2020.

If you need to withdraw your student completely from Canutillo ISD during this time period, please send the campus registrar or PEIMS Clerk your signed written request electronically and include the following:

  • the date of withdrawal
  • the city and name of district where you intend to enroll your student
  • a contact number and email address for yourself.
  • Please make sure that the receiving district sends us a records request (if outside of Texas) or a TREX request (a Texas Public School or Charter).
  • Please contact the campus principal to turn in the tablet or laptop before you move.

Q: What is the new rule for attendance (mandatory) for graduation?

A: The state has given districts latitude on the 90% rule. However, students need to complete all the requirements for graduation i.e. accrue the right amount of credits, do their school work to get credit, complete principal plans, etc. Counselors will be reaching out to seniors via email or google classroom to ensure students are on track for graduation.

Q: How can all student access online learning?

A: Via Google Classroom (please see Parent Resources Guide which will posted on the website).

Q: How can students without computer access online learning?

A: Campuses will be distributing laptops for students that don't have one - they will be sending a callout for dates and times). Parents can also call the school for dates and times.

Q: How can teachers help students either with online learning or keeping current credits?

A: Teachers have been instructed to keep grades for online assignments in their gradebook. And teachers will be available via email and Google Classroom. Please see Parent Resources Guide.

Q: Will elementary students be promoted if there is no STAAR test?

A: The state has given local districts authority to promote students through Grade Placement Committees. This will be based on student progress and school work for the year. Teacher recommendation, school work, formative assessments will all be considered.

Q: Is Canutillo looking at summer school?

A: Since there is no SSI (STAAR test) summer school will have to be reimagined. At this time the district is focused on getting online instruction going and will begin investigating options in April.