Revitalize, Revamp, Reinvent

The Canutillo community is growing at an accelerated rate. The Canutillo Independent School District is committed to keep pace and grow with our community to best serve current and prospective students grades preK-12, for years to come.

The CISD 2021 bond program aims to meet the demands of our vastly growing community by funding future projects that increase opportunity, access, security and space to accommodate projected growth and development over the next several years.

The Path Forward

The CISD Board of Trustees voted to move forward with the proposed $187.5 million bond to address District needs to meet the growth and development of the Canutillo area over the next seven years. The 2021 bond program includes certain new facilities but, if approved by voters, will also provide funds to help address needed maintenance, renovations and enhancements to existing campuses and facilities.

The list of proposed bond projects and initiatives were developed through the efforts of the Just For Kids Committee made up of community members and stakeholders who worked closely with the CISD administration and Board of Trustees to provide guidance and insight on the needs of the Canutillo community.

For over three months, the JFK Committee has been meeting to review District needs and seek community input with the goal of developing a proposed bond project list through a transparent, collaborative, and inclusive planning process.

What the proposed 2021 CISD bond projects include:

Proposition A - School Facilities - $177.5 million  

Expansion and Development

  • A new career and technology building at Canutillo High School
  • Additional wing added to Reyes Elementary School to alleviate overcrowding
  • Land purchase and construction of a new Alderete Middle School
  • Relocation of Permanent building for Northwest Early College High School
  • Multipurpose buildings for four elementary campuses
  • Repurposing of Alderete Middle School to house new location of Lone Star building offices and central office
  • Surplus storage facility
  • Land purchase for future elementary school

District-Wide Facility and Campus Improvements and Safety

  • Baseball/softball playfields at middle schools
  • Canutillo High School baseball/softball lights
  • Artificial turf on middle school football fields
  • Protective canopies at Canutillo High School bus pick up
  • Elementary school bus driveways
  • District-wide hazmat abatement

Proposition B - Refunding of Maintenance Tax Notes - $10 million

Allows for the refinancing of funds borrowed for resources needed to support remote instruction due to the pandemic including computers, Canutillo Connect - digital community that provides outside universal internet access, and LED lighting.