Community Commitment
Message from Board President Armando Rodriguez - April 12
Posted on 04/12/2024
This is the image for the news article titled Message from Board President Armando Rodriguez - April 12I am continually inspired by the unwavering commitment and active participation of our community members in shaping the future of our district. In recent weeks, our district has embarked on a journey of community outreach and engagement, aimed at providing facts and information regarding the upcoming May 4 Canutillo bond election.

One of the most encouraging aspects of our outreach efforts has been the remarkable turnout we have witnessed at community meetings and events. This high level of engagement speaks volumes about the dedication of our community members to educate themselves and make informed decisions about issues that directly impact their families, budgets and futures.

This week, at Canutillo High School, we were pleased to welcome approximately 40 parents who actively engaged with the district, expressing their questions, concerns and perspectives regarding the bond election. Similar turnouts were observed during events held at Reyes Elementary School and Canutillo Middle School over the weekend. The genuine interest and participation displayed by our community members reaffirm our belief in the importance of open dialogue and transparent communication.

As we look ahead, I am excited to announce that more community events are on the horizon. These gatherings provide valuable opportunities for us to connect with our community members, listen to their questions, consider their concerns, and address any issues they may have regarding the bond election. Whether individuals are in favor of the bond or have reservations, it is imperative that we engage in meaningful conversations and foster an environment of mutual respect and understanding.

In addition to our community meetings and events, our outreach efforts extend to door-to-door canvassing, where dedicated teachers and volunteers will be distributing information and answering any questions that may arise. I encourage our community members to welcome these individuals and take advantage of the opportunity to engage directly with the district.

For those who may have questions or seek additional information, I invite you to visit our website at Our website serves as a resource, providing detailed information about the bond election and addressing frequently asked questions.

As we navigate the complexities of the bond election process, I am deeply grateful for the active involvement and support of our community members. Your participation is essential in shaping the future of our district and ensuring that our students have access to the resources and facilities they need to thrive.

I extend my sincere appreciation to all who have participated in our outreach efforts thus far. Your engagement and commitment to our district are truly commendable, and I look forward to our continued collaboration.


Armando Rodriguez
Board President
Canutillo Independent School District