Canutillo 20/20
CISD’s Best & Brightest

CISD is unveiling a special initiative to recognize our most outstanding students. Twenty individuals were selected from each high school based on academic achievement, community service, leadership, the courage to overcome obstacles and the ability to serve as positive influencers.

Because we have two high schools, we have named this recognition 20/20.

This new program embraces the fact that our students have an array of attributes that should be celebrated, not just academic achievement. These qualities not only make them good citizens of their campus communities, but will also help them thrive beyond high school.

We are proud to announce this years’ 20/20 class and are confident they will represent CISD well in the future. The district extends its appreciation to the parents, teachers, school leaders, staff and trustees for helping shape the next generation of good citizens, leaders and positive influencers.

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