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Facilities Assessment

Your Voice, Their Future

Through careful assessment, together with input from our community, Canutillo ISD has determined that the deteriorating state of our schools is negatively impacting teaching and learning. Despite continued growth within our boundaries, decreased enrollment is impacting our budget and ability to expand student programs.

A group of parents, students, taxpayers and civic leaders formed the Canutillo Facilities Assessment Taskforce to help the District determine appropriate next steps.

January 6 Meeting

January 10
January 17
Board Creates The Canutillo Facilities Assessment Task Force.

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Facilities Assessment Task Force Tours Alderete M.S., Northwest ECHS and 79911 Growth.

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Facilities Assessment Task Force Tours Canutillo Middle School and Identifies Needs in New Construction, Repairs, and Safety & Security.

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January 24 Meeting

February 7 Meeting
February 13
Facilities Assessment Task Force Tours Canutillo Elementary School. They heard from outside professionals regarding school bonds and the basics of school finance options. The group voted to move forward with recommending a bond for major construction to the Board of Trustees.

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Facilities Assessment Task Force Workshop to Determine Recommendation. Members Vote 48 to 1 to Recommend to Board of Trustees that a Bond Election Be Called.

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Board of Trustees Calls Bond Election for May 4, 2024.

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Student Enrollment Drop

Despite growth patterns that outpace the rest of the county (more than 5000 new homes are currently under construction), the District has suffered a drop in enrollment translating to loss in revenue of about $19 million. If current trends continue, the District expects to lose nearly $27 million per year by 2028.

A survey of parents indicated that the nearly 1,800 students who transferred out the District did so because schools in neighboring school districts are closer and more convenient for their families.

Canutillo is experiencing rapid growth in several new communities, but does not have neighborhood schools to serve these booming new subdivisions.

Enrollment Trends

Image with text %22~$27 million%22


Project budget impact to Canutillo ISD because of enrollment loss*

* CISD operating budget for 2023-2024 is $64 million.

Deferred Maintenance

Canutillo Schools have proudly served our community for decades. However, millions of dollars are needed for repairs and updates. A recent community survey and administrative review identified the following priorities.

The Facilities Assessment Task Force has considered three potential options in coping with deferred maintenance and enrollment loss. They asked for community input to help them determine a final recommendation to the District.

Community Survey

The Canutillo Independent School District reached out to the greater Canutillo community to include parents, District employees and taxpayers by sending a direct mailer to their homes to ask for their input on how best to address the District’s pressing challenges of growth, a decline in enrollment and the state of facilities.

They were asked to participate in a survey asking them how they recommend the District move forward to address these challenges. The results of the survey are as follows: