List of projects

Every Child, Every School: The 2022 Canutillo Bond addresses critical facilities needs throughout the District based on an assessment of schools and buildings commissioned by the Board of Trustees in anticipation of the unsuccessful 2021 bond referendum. The District used data from the facilities master plan as well as information from a 2022 demographic study of growth in the Canutillo area and a 2022 independent assessment of safety and security systems in the District to craft a list of critical projects.

The projects address the following areas:

  • Safety & Security: infrastructure to reinforce or upgrade existing safety and security measures as well as fund the construction of buildings and structures that would create new systems of security at every campus and facility in the District.

  • Growth: construction, renovations and relocation of facilities to address projected growth within the Canutillo Independent School District. As one of only two school districts in Region 19 experiencing enrollment growth, CISD is at or over capacity at several campuses in the District. With the planned construction of 7,000 new homes within the boundaries of the District, enrollment is expected to grow by up to 3 percent in enrollment within the next five years.

  • Equity: Growth in new neighborhoods within the District boundaries will require the construction of new and modern facilities. The District, however, is made up of a historical community with schools that are on average 24 years old. The Bond, if approved, would seek to fund construction and renovations to existing campuses to provide equitable and fair access to learning environments throughout the District.

  • Student Programming: Canutillo ISD is an A-Rated School District with high-performing schools in every corner of the District. However, because of limited state funding, the District continues to lag in the availability of student programming at its schools or the proper housing of programs within its existing facilities. Programs like STEAM and medical courses, fine arts and athletics are either unavailable to CISD students or are taught in classrooms not designed for higher-level instruction.

Under the Bond proposal, the District also seeks to fund the repayment of tax maintenance notes Canutillo ISD incurred in 2020 to purchase laptops and technology for each student during the height of the at-home learning because of the COVID-19 pandemic.