Past Bond Programs

During the fall of 2011, the CISD voters approved the issuance of almost $44 million in bonds in support of the Canutillo Independent School District's need for upgrades and construction. The Bond Referendum, known as Decision 2011 provided funding for the construction of a PK through fifth grade school named Congressman Silvestre & Carolina Reyes School, and for additions and upgrades across the District.

2006 Bond


2006 Road Show

Current Bond Program
View the ____ and ____ bond programs original scopes of work and added contingency funded projects for each CISD school and facility and get details on the implementation of each project by visiting the Past Bond Programs Projects by Facility.

For information on the current bond program approved by voters in 2011, visit the 2011 Bond Program section of the website. This $44 million bond program supports technology, transportation and energy conservation, and address critical renovations and improvements at facilities across the district.