Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention Education

Jesus Juarez

Prevention Specialist

  LSB 107


Canutillo ISD works every day to provide students and staff with a positive and safe environment conducive to learning. We implement PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions Support) district wide. PBIS focuses on creating a system that is proactive, positive and instructional instead of being reactive, punitive and exclusionary. PBIS focuses on Prevention.

To prevent drug use, bullying, cyberbullying, harassment and violence in general we offer students and parents the following prevention educational programs:

  • All elementary students receive education on Character Counts.
  • All 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students receive 10 lessons on Life Skills (including bullying prevention)
    • Lesson 1- Self-Esteem
    • Lesson 2- Decision Making/Truancy Prevention
    • Lesson 3-  Smoking Information
    • Lesson 4- Advertising
    • Lesson 5- Stress
    • Lesson 6- Communication Skills
    • Lesson 7- Social Skills
    • Lesson 8- Assertiveness
    • Lesson 9- Bullying
    • Lesson 10- Cyberbullying
  • All 7th grade students receive 10 lessons on Project Alert (including bullying prevention)
    • Lesson 1- Introduction to Project Alert/Truancy Prevention
    • Lesson 2- Consequences of Smoking Cigarettes and Marijuana
    • Lesson 3- Drinking Consequences and Alternatives
    • Lesson 4- Introduction to Pressures/Drugs/Gangs
    • Lesson 5- Social Pressures to Use Drugs
    • Lesson 6- Resisting Internal and External Pressures to Use Drugs
    • Lesson 7- Practicing Resistance Skills/Inhalant Abuse
    • Lesson 8- Benefits of Not Using Drugs/Smoking Cessation
    • Lesson 9- Anger/Emotional Management
    • Lesson 10- Bullying/Dating Violence
  • All 9th grade students receive 14 lessons on Life Skills (including bullying prevention)
    • Lesson 1- Decision Making/Truancy Prevention
    • Lesson 2- Bullying/Cyberbullying
    • Lesson 3- The Value of Good Health
    • Lesson 4- Risk Taking/Gangs
    • Lesson 5- Substance Abuse (Tobacco/Marijuana)
    • Lesson 6- Alcohol and the Media
    • Lesson 7- Healthy Relationships
    • Lesson 8- Dating Violence
    • Lesson 9- Family Communication
    • Lesson 10- Managing Anger

Parenting classes:

  • All parents of Pre-K students are required to attend an orientation class which includes information on bullying prevention and PBIS.
  • Monthly parenting classes are also offered throughout the year (morning/evening - English/Spanish) Parents are presented with information on the Texas Attendance Law, Bullying and PBIS. The lessons include:
  • Texas Attendance Law/Curfew Law
  • Bullying/Cyberbulling
  • Parent Responsibilities (Texas Family Code)
  • Parenting Styles and Control Verses Discipline
  • Drug Use and Prevention Strategies

Canutillo ISD Violence Intervention Protocol:

Canutillo ISD created a violence intervention protocol to align all responses to violent incidents 
including bullying. All administrators and Counselor are trained on the law and the steps to follow when a bullying incident is reported.

  •  To report an incident we provide different avenues including oral reports and written reports. We count on an application that can be downloaded to any smart phone, or electronic device to report any incident of bullying or violence in general. The application provides the option to remain anonymous.
  • As a report is received, an administrator/counselor will create a safety plan of action to protect all parties involved while an investigation is generated.
  • According to the results of the investigation, a disciplinary action plan will be determined along with follow-up services including the stay away contract, visits with counselor, and or one-on-one services for students. The student can also select/choose an adult within the school setting, he or she trusts, to report any additional problems on incidents of violence that might happen during the school day. At the same time, parents are provided with information on community resources and/or information on local counseling services in the community.
  • Once the student/students feel safe, the stay-away student safety contract can be terminated along with the follow up visits to the counselor.