Speech Therapy Newsletter

Welcome to the Canutillo Independent School District's new Speech-Language Pathology Newsletter. We hope that the information we share will benefit our district's parents.

Each of our quarterly publications will offer material such as child development milestones, resources that parents can use to help enhance their children's speech and language skills and fun activities that can be done at home with your child.

We decided to launch our newsletter now to coincide with May being Better Hearing & Speech Month. Our district has a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) at each of its 10 campuses. Each believes in early intervention and life-enhancing treatment to unlock every child's full potential.

The district's SLPs encourage parents to be active in their child's development through regular updates with teachers and the SLP on their child's campus.

We will publish subsequent newsletters beginning in June and quarterly thereafter. You will find all the newsletters published below!