Canutillo ISD Hosts Educational COVID-19 Webinar on Children’s Mental Health
Autismo, Déficit de Atención y Salud Mental Durante COVID-19
Posted on 09/21/2021
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Canutillo Independent School District will host an educational webinar “Autismo, Déficit de Atención y Salud Mental Durante COVID-19” in Spanish at 2:00 p.m., Wednesday, September 22 to discuss the mental and emotional impact of COVID-19 on children with focus on those with autism and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Canutillo ISD Public Health Emergency Manager, Dr. Maria Fuentes will be joined by Pediatric Neurologist, Dr. Ana Carolina Aguilar Venegas from Hospital Angeles and Hospital Star Medica, Ciudad Juarez Health Sciences Center, Chihuahua to inform the community of the implications of COVID-19 on children’s mental and emotional health, how those with autism and ADHD are impacted and help guide parents and caregivers on how to help children cope psychologically through the pandemic.

“It is important for us to engage with parents and caregivers in our community to inform them not only about the physical impact of the COVID-19 virus but how it plays a role in the emotional and mental wellbeing of children as well and what we can do to improve it,” Dr. Maria Fuentes said. “Canutillo ISD values the health, safety, and welfare of students, faculty and staff above everything else and extends that concern to the community.”

The webinar is free and open to the public.