Cool to be Kind
Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week
Posted on 02/17/2022
This is the image for the news article titled Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness WeekIn the world of academics, a wealth of knowledge and experiences that prepare students for lifelong success goes a long way but should not stop there. Fostering respectful, inclusive and kind individuals is the responsibility of every adult who touches a child’s life and at Canutillo Independent School District, the shared notion is to show every student that it is cool to be kind.

In recognition of Random Acts of Kindness Week, campuses throughout the District have put their kids to the test to exhibit what being kind is all about. They have participated in an array of events, activities and been encouraged to shower their peers and elders with random acts of kindness.

The daily acts of dedicated administrators, staff and teachers demonstrate to students what it means to be kind and caring. Jose H. Damian counselor Chelsea Anchieta starts her day knowing that she could possibly turn a student or colleague's day around with just a kind word and greeting. She recognizes that you can never know what someone is going through but you can be the positivity they need to make every situation better.

One of Anchieta’s guiding quotes by Bob Kerry states, "Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change." To her, kindness is lending a helping hand, telling someone that they are doing a good job, and including them so that they truly feel they belong.

“When working with elementary school children, they need to know what being kind looks, sounds, and feels like. In my role as an elementary school counselor, I reach out to every student with unconditional positive regard,” Anchieta said. “I take a child-centered approach and find ways to show each and every student that they are important and are loved.”