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Canutillo selected for prestigious Holdsworth leadership collaborative
Posted on 05/26/2023
This is the image for the news article titled Canutillo selected for prestigious Holdsworth leadership collaborativeThe Holdsworth Center, an Austin-based nonprofit focused on leadership in public education, has selected the Canutillo Independent School District to join the Holdsworth Leadership Collaborative, an 18-month program that will help Canutillo build a strong bench of aspiring principals who are ready to step into school leadership positions when they arise.

Canutillo is among 13 districts across the state chosen for Holdsworth’s world-class leadership development program.

“Canutillo demonstrated a strong commitment to developing principals and a growth mindset around learning new concepts,” said Dr. Lindsay Whorton, president of The Holdsworth Center. “Great leaders draw out the best in people and inspire them to achieve the unimaginable. Every student in Canutillo deserves a strong principal at the helm of their school.”

As part of the Collaborative, a team of three – the superintendent and two district leaders – work with Holdsworth staff to define what great leadership looks like in Canutillo and use this definition to design systems and structures to strengthen the principal pipeline.

Canutillo Superintendent Dr. Pedro Galaviz said the District’s inclusion in this year’s leadership collaborative is a testament to the work being done in the District.

“We continue to show the region and the state that in Canutillo, innovation in education is a priority, and that our students and teachers are performing at unprecedented levels because of it,” he said. “I look forward to working with Holdworth trainers to continue demonstrating why Canutillo is the Best Small School District in Texas and El Paso’s only Triple-A Rated School District.”

Research shows that effective principals can significantly impact student outcomes by creating the conditions for teachers to thrive. Because principals influence the working conditions and skill level of every teacher in the building, their impact is outsized.

“We don’t believe there are any quick fixes in education. Investing in the skill and capacity of the people working in our schools is the only way we will see true transformation,” Whorton said.

Since its founding in 2017, Holdsworth has served 1,371 educators across 50 districts in more than 200 schools in Texas.

In surveys, 100 percent of superintendents surveyed rate their leadership pipeline as stronger after partnering with Holdsworth for at least three years.

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