Setting the Safety Standard
Canutillo ISD first to offer crisis intervention team
Posted on 08/09/2023
This is the image for the news article titled Canutillo ISD first to offer crisis intervention teamCanutillo ISD is trailblazing the standard of safety and security in schools by becoming the first and only district in the region to have a fully equipped Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) department to add to its security measure arsenal.

The District has been working on continually amping efforts, policies and procedures to ensure the wellbeing and safety of students and staff. The CIT training, made possible through a partnership with Emergence Health Network - the leading mental health authority for El Paso County - certifies all Canutillo ISD police officers, security officers and police dispatchers in procedures that de-escalate behavioral situations.

“CIT training gives us extra knowledge and tools to properly assess a person going through a mental health crisis and help them through it,” said Chief of CISD Police Jose Kluge. “The goal of CIT trained officers is to reduce injuries to both officers and those experiencing a mental health crisis during an incident and to appropriately redirect such individuals from the judicial system to the services and support they need to stabilize their situation and reduce police contact.”

CIT certified officers provide enhanced crisis management by utilizing a skillset aimed at responding to various crisis situations, including mental health issues, emotional distress and behavioral challenges as well as defuse potentially volatile situations.

With CIT training, as soon as a related call is received, CISD dispatchers can assess and identify the situation and inform officers of the type of incident. The situation will be handled by responding officers accordingly to aid the individual through their mental health emergency.

District CIT officers will work closely with school administrators, teachers, counselors, Executive Director of Student Support Services Monica Reyes and her team of social workers and parents to address potential concerns promptly and effectively and ensure a cohesive approach to safety and support.

“With a CIT department in place, we emphasize our commitment to fostering positive relations between law enforcement and our school community. The presence of trained professionals who prioritize compassion and understanding contributes to building trust and mutual respect,” Kluge said. “As we embrace this groundbreaking initiative, we want to express our gratitude to our incredible police and security team for their unwavering dedication and commitment to creating a safe environment for our schools. Together, we continue to prioritize the wellbeing of our students and ensure that everyone feels secure and valued within our District.”