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Message from Board President Armando Rodriguez - Dec. 8
Posted on 12/08/2023
This is the image for the news article titled Message from Board President Armando Rodriguez - Dec. 8Dear Canutillo Family,

This week, I had the pleasure of attending the opening reception for the "Depth" art show at Galería Canutillo, an experience that left me deeply impressed with the incredible talent our students possess. The showcase, featuring sculptures crafted by the skilled hands of art students from Alderete Middle School, is a testament to the artistic brilliance that thrives within our district.

For those who haven't had the chance to visit, the "Depth" art show is a true celebration of creativity and innovation. The sculptures on display not only showcase the technical skill of our young artists but also provide a glimpse into the depth of their imagination. I encourage each and every one of you to take a moment to visit Galería Canutillo at 7965 Artcraft before Tuesday to witness firsthand the exceptional talent that resides within our community.

This week wasn't just marked by the opening of Galería Canutillo but also by a multitude of winter programs that took place across our district. These programs, featuring our students singing, dancing, and performing, were a delightful display of the diverse talents that make Canutillo ISD so special. It was heartening to see our community come together to support these budding artists and performers.

As we celebrate these achievements, it's crucial to recognize that excellence in fine arts is a key component of becoming a premier school district. While academic achievements are undoubtedly important, districts that stand out at the highest levels also invest in athletics and fine arts. Our commitment to fostering talent extends beyond the classroom, and it is through programs like the "Depth" art show and the winter programs that we provide our students with opportunities to explore and develop their artistic abilities.

Fine arts education plays a pivotal role in shaping well-rounded individuals who are not only academically proficient but also possess the creativity, critical thinking, and discipline necessary for success in any field. It is our responsibility as a district to ensure that our students have the resources, guidance, and support they need to flourish in the arts.

To this end, we must collectively work towards enhancing our fine arts programs. By investing in state-of-the-art facilities, providing professional development for our fine arts educators, and fostering partnerships with local arts organizations, we can create an environment where artistic excellence can truly thrive. Our goal is to empower our students to express themselves through various forms of art, whether it be visual arts, music, dance, or theater.

As we continue our journey to become a premier school district, let us reaffirm our commitment to nurturing the diverse talents of our students. The "Depth" art show and the winter programs are just a glimpse of the incredible potential within Canutillo ISD, and it is our duty to provide the platform for these talents to shine.

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to the success of our students. Together, we can ensure that Canutillo ISD remains a hub of creativity, innovation, and artistic excellence.

Warm regards,

Armando Rodriguez
Canutillo Independent School District Board of Trustees