Your Vote, Your Voice
Message from Board President Armando Rodriguez - April 19
Posted on 04/19/2024
This is the image for the news article titled Message from Board President Armando Rodriguez - April 19I am deeply committed to ensuring that every member of our community has the opportunity to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming Canutillo Bond 2024 election. However, I acknowledge the challenges that some voters may face due to the location of early voting sites this year.

Traditionally, the CISD Central Office has served as an early voting site, providing a convenient location for voters to cast their ballots. However, due to several factors, including ongoing TxDOT construction and safety regulations for school districts, this was not feasible for the current election cycle. As a result, early voting for the Canutillo Bond 2024 election is taking place at two locations in Canutillo: The Canutillo Nutrition Center at Gallegos Park and the El Paso County Northwest Annex in Vinton.

While these two locations will undoubtedly serve our community well, I recognize that they may not be the most convenient for residents in booming neighborhoods such as Cimarron and Enchanted Hills. Despite the potential challenges of getting to Gallegos Park or Vinton, I urge voters not to be discouraged. Your voice matters, and your vote is crucial in shaping the future of our district.

For those who work near Downtown, I want to remind you that early voting is also available at the El Paso County Courthouse, located at 500 E. San Antonio. This additional location provides an alternative for voters who may find it more convenient to cast their ballots downtown.

Furthermore, on election day, May 4, voters will have the opportunity to vote at any of the five voting locations within CISD, including the El Paso County Northwest Annex in Vinton, Canutillo Middle School, Canutillo Elementary, Fire House #2 on Borderland Road, and Reyes Elementary. These diverse locations aim to ensure accessibility and convenience for voters across our district.

As we navigate the voting process, I want to caution voters to be vigilant and seek factual information about the bond. Unfortunately, there have been reports of groups spreading misinformation in our community. Some individuals have been going door to door, distributing flyers filled with inaccurate information aimed at misleading the public.

It is crucial that voters look for information that is cited and accurate. I encourage everyone to visit the official Canutillo ISD website at for factual information and frequently asked questions about the bond. We are committed to providing transparent and accurate information to our community members, and our website serves as a reliable resource for voters seeking information about the bond and its implications.

Your vote is your voice, and it is essential that every member of our community has the opportunity to make their voice heard. Despite the challenges posed by the location of early voting sites, I encourage all eligible voters to cast their ballots and play an active role in shaping the future of Canutillo ISD.

Armando Rodriguez
Board President
Canutillo Independent School District