What We Do
The Curriculum and Instruction Department coordinates the review, development, and revision of all mathematics programs and related curriculum documents and materials, including curriculum guides, course outlines, and teaching plans. The division works cooperatively with directors, coordinators, campus administrators, instructional specialists, and math coaches in developing and supervising the instructional programs in Mathematics.

Yirah Valverde

Dr. Yirah Valverde holds a Bachelor of Science, a Master of Science in Education, and a Doctorate of Education with a specialization in Mathematics. Her research in math education has placed Dr. Valverde in two different states where she has served as a math professor, a k-12 math classroom teacher, a math department head and instructional coach,

and a math curriculum writer. She has published her research in peer-reviewed journals and presented her findings local, state, national, and international conferences.

Yirah Valverde, Ph.D.
Mathematics Coordinator
[email protected]
915-877- 7503

Strategic Framework:


Teaching and Learning: To provide guidance and resources for the implementation of research-informed and high-quality teaching that supports the learning of each and every student inequitable environments.

Access, Equity, and Empowerment: To advance a culture of equity where each and every person has access to high-quality teaching empowered by the opportunities mathematics affords.

Leadership Value: To provide community and resources to engage and listen to members in order to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Advocacy: To engage in advocacy to focus, raise awareness, and influence decision-makers and the public on issues concerning high-quality mathematics teaching and learning.