New Teacher Academy Curriculum

Heart of Teaching Mission Statement

TheMission of the Ginger Tucker, "Heart of Teaching" series is to work to support, challenge, and inspire first year teachers to become competent,confident and compassionate so that they make a positive difference for their students.

The purpose of the "Heart of Teaching" Series is to build on the experiences from a new teacher's pre-service training, apply that learning to the classroom, and to provide new knowledge and skills. 

The First Year Teacher will:
   *Be convinced of the impact on the lives of their students;
   *Be prepared to start the first days of school with confidence;
   *Have a well-organized and managed classroom, conducive to learning;
   *Lead a classroom characterized by respect, compassion, and high expectations for student learning and behavior;
   *Create a learning environment that meets the needs of all students;
   *Plan, prepare, teach and assess lessons in a way that leads to mastery;   
   *Develop a partnership with parents for the benefit of students;
   *Exhibit professionalism and integrity in and out of the classroom;
   *Be supported and encouraged through a relationship with a trained mentor; and
   *Enjoy a healthy and happy first year.

Program Overview
The Heart of Teaching consists of ten learning sections.  They are:
   1.  Becoming an Effective Teacher;
   2.  Getting Ready for the First Days;
   3.  Managing the Classroom;
   4.  Maintaining Effective Discipline;
   5.  Understanding Personalities and Styles;
   6a. Teaching For Learning;
   6b.  Teaching for Thinking;
   6c.  Teaching for Teamwork;
   7.  Working with Parents and Families;
   8.  Being a Professional Educator;
   9.  Working in Community and With a Mentor; and
   10.  Managing Stress
New Teacher Academy
TheNew Teacher Academy is a professional development program offered toteachers new to the District or new to the teaching profession with 0-2years experience.

Teachersreceive professional development from the Ginger Tucker, "Heart ofTeaching" Series as well as "The First Days of School" by Harry Wong,the New Teacher Center, and the TxBess program. Teachers receive aCalendar of Events with professional development dates and PLC meetingdates. Teachers are also observed by the District mentor and providedfeedback. The Employee Development Coordinator and the CampusInstructional Coach serve as District mentors to new teachers. Inaddition, PLC members also work to provide support to the new teacherson each campus. 
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