Professional Development & Partner Schools

Professional Development Schools (PDS)
These are learner-centered communities where student teachers and university faculty members take an active role in inquiry-based practice, research, professional development, and more.  CISD must commit to host a minimum of 10 student teachers; space and facilities for the delivery of UTEP courses, technology  full campus engagement in the PDS program and any additional requirements as listed below.
Partner Schools
These are learner-centered communities where student teaching takes place.  School administrators and cooperating teachers agree to guide, support, and mentor student teachers.  Canutillo ISD also must commit to all required training by all cooperating teachers; a period of structured observation of the experienced teacher's strategies, skills and dispositions; gradual supervised control of the classroom to the student teacher; engagement of the student teacher in professional development; feedback on performance and completion of all required evaluations; a campus liaison; host a minimum of five student teachers at each participating campus each semester.