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Intake Sessions

"Intake" is what we call the orientation and registration of Canutillo ISD students who have been assigned to our discipline program. Intake sessions occur during the week throughout the school year. A student who has been placed at the Lone Star Academy-DAEP is given a specific intake date and time; the student and their legal guardian are to attend in order to be placed in our program.


does intake take place?
is take located?
attends the intake? 
9:00 - 10:00 AM

Home campuses will
notify student & parents
about when their scheduled intake date will be.
7000 5th ST.
Canutillo, TX 79835

Walk in through 
Lone Star Building A
and check-in at the 
front office.
Assigned student and their legal guardians

A legal guardian must 
accompany the student & stay the entire session. 
do you bring to the intake?
do we have an intake meeting?
must be filled out.
Come dressed in uniform

No accessories are allowed.
Communication and Information

To keep both parents and students
informed on what to expect and
what is expected of the student
while they are placed at the DAEP.
 An Exchange of Information

Please read and fill out these forms.