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Energy Management

Canutillo Independent School District believes that a properly managed energy conservation management program allows utility costs to be lowered, thus re-directing funds to improving student achievement.  
A strong commitment by the Board of Trustees, District administration and all school faculty and staff is the foundation of an effective energy conservation management program.  
The Executive Director for the Facilities and Transportation Division is charged with the oversight of the District's Energy Management Program.  Because of funding through the District's 2011 Bond Issue, recent technology enhancements have given the department the ability to shut down Hearing, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems District-wide, in addition to conducting remote electrical energy usage audits.  
The District conducts several District-wide shut-downs throughout the year to maximize energy savings.  These include:  Fall Break, Winter Break, Spring Break and summer 4 day/10 hour work weeks.  
Utility Consumption Reports is uploaded monthly on the District's website.