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Parent Organizations

Canutillo ISD Parent Organization Guidelines
Exhibit A- Formation Approval Form
Exhibit B - IRS Employer Identification Number - Frequently Asked Questions
Exhibit C - Bylaws - Sample Form
Exhibit D - Form 1023 - Application for Recognition of Exemption - 501 (c) (3)
Exhibit D-2 Form 1023 - Checklist
Exhibit D-3 Form 1023 - Instructions for Form 1023
Exhibit E Form AP220-2 Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit Application
Exhibit E-2 - Instructions for Completing
Exhibit E-3 Texas Sales Tax - Frequently Asked Questions
Exhibit F School Fundraisers and Texas Sales Tax
Exhibit G Form AP204 - Texas Application for Exemption - Federal and All Others
Exhibit H Charitable Solicitation Permit
Exhibit H-2 El Paso Municipal Code 5.03 - Charitable Solicitations
Exhibit I Form 202- Certificate of Formation Nonprofit Corporation
Exhibit I-2 Form 202 - General Information
Exhibit J Articles of Association - Sample Form
Exhibit K City of El Paso Department of Public Health - Food Inspection Program
Exhibit K-2 Food Establishment Frequently Asked Questions
Exhibit L District Regulation CO - Food Service Mgmnt - Health Regulation Compliance for School Concessions
Exhibit L-2 Exhibit A - Food Establishment Permit Application
Exhibit L-3 Exhibit B - Food Establishment Requirements
Exhibit L-4 Exhibit C - Temporary Food Establishment Requirements
Exhibit M - Registration Form
Exhibit N - Budget Template
Exhibit O - Financial Report Template
Exhibit P - Fund Raiser Application Form
Exhibit Q - Fund Raiser Recap Form
Exhibit R Donation Approval Form
Exhibit S - Letter of Dishonor Template for Returned Checks
Exhibit T - El Paso County Attorney Hot Check Intake Form
Exhibit T-2 - El Paso County Attorney Hot Check Unit Guidelines
Exhibit U - Disbursement Voucher Form
Exhibit V - UIL Booster Club Guidelines
Exhibit W - Texas Public School Nutrition Policy at a Glance
Exhibit X - District Regulation GKD - Community Relations Use of School Facilities for NonSchool Purpose
Exhibit X-2 - Exhibit A - Facilities Request Form
Exhibit X-3 - Exhibit A2 - Facilities Request Form - Requiring Board Approval
Exhibit X-4 - Exhibit B - General Facility Use Agreement
Exhibit X-5 - Exhibit C - Facility Use Agreement - High School Auditorium
Exhibit X-6 - Exhibit D - Facility Use Agreement - High School Football Stadium
Exhibit X-7 - Exhibit E - Faciltiy Usage Fee Waiver Form
Exhibit Y - Board Policy GE (Local) - Relations with Parent Organizations