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Canutillo ISD Background Check Application


Process Guidelines

  1. Complete a yearly Background Check application online.
  2. A background check is required for all pre-employment opportunities with the district.
  3. A background check is required of all volunteer, University-Student-Teachers, or non-paid internship applicants annually; every July.
  4. Parents, grandparents and legal guardians of active students are exempt from background checks but are still required to get checked in with Raptor System.
  5. District employees are prohibited from volunteering any services to the district, except if the employee has a child or grandchild attending the school supported by the organization for which the employee will be providing volunteer services. The employee does not provide the same type of services to the organization as provided by the employee to the District during the employee’s workday; and the employee is volunteering services to the organization in the sole capacity of a parent/guardian or grandparent and not as a District employee.
  6. All applicants must upload a valid government-issued photo ID* and upload / attach it to the application. If unable to provide a U.S. ID, please be ready to provide the results of a background check from the most recent state or country of residence.
    • *Except military ID’s, according to Title 18, U.S. Code Part 1, Chapter 33, Section 701, which prohibits the photocopying of a military identification card.
  7. Applicants will receive notification of approval or denial by the assigned district designee/ Campus.
  8. Volunteers / non-paid interns must work under the direction of the campus principal / parent liaison or designee. Designee must communicate with approved volunteer / non-paid intern to review expectations and task assignments.
  9. All non-employees shall never attempt to discipline, punish, or communicate inappropriately with students at any point and through any unofficial channel of communication (phone calls, emails, text messages).
  10. Volunteers, University-Student-Teachers, non-paid interns, classroom observers, are not to perform substitute teacher duties; and shall not be left unsupervised with students.
  11. In accordance with district regulation GKG, one-time volunteers who chaperone a day field trip or attend a class party may, at the discretion of administration, be exempt from a criminal history records check (will still need to sign-in with Raptor System at campus).
  12. Applicants shall abide by the District Technology Acceptable Use Agreement (CQ Local)
  13. "Pre-employment" includes certain Professional Service Contracts, as necessary.
Applicant Code of Ethics

Applicants shall be respectful and courteous to one another, students, administration, school staff, and the community.

Leadership and Responsibility

Applicants shall be responsible for his/her schedule times, and must notify the district designee if he/she is unable to meet his/her commitment.


Applicants shall not discuss information they may hear, see or otherwise acquire while at the school concerning students or others; unless it is a reportable offense such as child maltreatment or any related circumstance.


Applicants shall dress appropriately, always remembering that they are setting an example for students. All clothing shall be acceptable in appearance, within the limits of decency, and that is appropriate for a school setting.


Applicants shall abide by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99) a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records

Different Roles a Background Check Application is used for:


This is part of the pre-employment process when you are interested in employment opportunities at Canutillo ISD. "Pre-employment" includes certain Professional Service Contracts, as necessary.

Campus Volunteer

There are wide variety of opportunities available to volunteer at the school site, including:

  • Providing assistance during school special events;

  • Participating in school councils, district councils, PTA, PTO, boosters, etc.;

  • Assisting in the work room/parent room (making copies, cutting, laminating, etc.);

  • Recruiting volunteers to help in school activities, committees, parental involvement, and district activities;

  • Chaperoning field trips, school parties, assemblies, etc.;

  • Assisting school office staff in clerical duties;

  • Serving as crossing guards, mentors, and or tutors, supervised by designee.

University – Student/Teacher

Student/Teachers are approved in collaboration with the Curriculum & Instruction Department, your University, and HR. If you have questions regarding Student/ Teaching, please contact Sandra Carrillo at (915) 877-7409.

Classroom Observation

This opportunity is for those that need to complete certain hours of observation required by Educational Programs. Ensure to attach a letter from your program with hours required to be completed.

Voluntary Department / Non-paid Intern

Requested by department administrators. Please contact HR for additional questions at

(915) 877-7423. Ensure to complete the Voluntary Department Interns portion of this Application and attach the additional documents as requested.