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Life Insurance

Basic Group Term Life Coverage (Employer Paid)
Every benefit eligible employee who is contributing to TRS is provided with a $10,000 Basic Term Life Insurance to include AD&D coverage at no cost to the employee. The group term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance available through Canutillo ISD gives an extra protection that you and your family may need. Life and AD&D insurance offers financial protection by providing you coverage in case of an untimely death or an accident that decreases your income‐earning ability. Life benefits are disbursed to your beneficiaries in a lump sum in the event of your death.
Supplemental Life Insurance
You may choose to purchase additional supplemental life insurance for yourself and spouse. Life insurance premiums are age based and will increase as you move into a higher age bracket.
New Hires are eligible for a ONE‐TIME Guaranteed Issue of up to $400,000 for self and a ONE‐TIME Guaranteed Issue of up to $75,000 for spouse without Evidence of Insurability.

Employees may purchase up to $500,000 in life insurance coverage in increments of $10,000 for self and up to $250,000, for their spouse in increments of $5,000. Spousal Life Insurance may not exceed 50% of the amount purchased for the employee.

When will I be subject to submit Evidence of Insurability?

  • Any existing employee who enrolls more than 31 days after the date you are hired.
  • Any amount over $400,000 for self-employees and $75,000 for spouse will be subject to will be subject to Evidence of Insurability.
  • All applications for increases exceeding $10,000 for employee, and $5,000 for spouse will be subject to will be subject to Evidence of Insurability.

Remember, any amount over the Guarantee Issue will require you to complete an EOI form. The EOI will be emailed to your Canutillo ISD email address directly from Hartford Life ( will not be increased or approved without a confirmation letter from The Hartford.

Please note: If you leave the district, you can convert your Canutillo ISD group life insurance to a personal life policy.

Child Life Insurance
You may purchase life insurance for children; however, the employee must be enrolled for at least $10,000 employee supplemental life insurance in order to request dependent life insurance.
Benefit Reduction
Term Life & AD&D Insurance Benefits reduce by 35% at age 65, further reduce by 50% of the original amount at age 70, and further reduce to 70% of the original amount at age 75. Benefits terminate at retirement.