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Citizens Complaint

According to Texas law, in order for a complaint against a district peace officer to be considered by the head of the district’s police department, the complaint must be in writing and signed by the person making the complaint. A copy of the complaint shall be given to the officer within a reasonable time after it is filed and no disciplinary action shall be taken against the officer as a result of the complaint unless a copy is given to the officer. The officer may not be indefinitely suspended or terminated based on the subject matter of the complaint unless the complaint is investigated and there is evidence to prove the allegation of misconduct. Gov’t Code Ch. 614, Subch. B; Atty. Gen. Op. GA-251 (2004)

On the commencement of an investigation by a district police department of a complaint that alleges that a peace officer employed by the department has engaged in racial profiling with respect to an individual and in which a video or audio recording of the occurrence on which the complaint is based was made, the department shall promptly provide a copy of the recording to the peace officer who is the subject of the complaint on written request by the officer. Code of Criminal Procedure 2.132(f).

Please contact the Canutillo ISD Police Department to obtain the department’s official complaint form for submission. The form can be obtained at the Canutillo ISD Police Department, 801 Talbot, Canutillo, TX 79835.


If you desire to compliment a department employee please mail a letter to the Canutillo ISD Police Department, 801 Talbot, Canutillo, TX 79835, or send a or send by email to: