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Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention (RtI) is an educational process that evaluates how well students respond toinstruction and then uses those responses to guide educational andbehavioral decisions. RtI is an approach that focuses more on helpingall children learn by addressing problems earlier, providing highquality, scientifically-based instruction and interventions, and holdingschools accountable for the progress of all students in terms ofmeeting grade level standards. The goal of RtI is to identify childrenwho are at-risk for not meeting grade-level standards and to interveneearly. CISD provides the RtI model that has three tiers of interventionsin which each level or tier represents an increasingly intense level ofservices. Interventions are continually adjusted based on progressmonitoring. Children, who do not respond to the initial interventionswithin a reasonable period of time, as suggested by research, arereferred for more intensive interventions. If a disability is suspected,a referral will be made for a special education evaluation while theinitiated RtI interventions continue.