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Gale Virtual Resources Library (GVRL) Professional Development E-Books Collection

What is GVRL? eBooks on GVRL makes it simple to find, share, use and cite professional development topics to help educators stay up to date. A wide variety of titles are available on the site including topics on instructional strategies, classroom management, discipline, content enrichment and other topics to enhance teaching skills and knowledge. Titles are research based and focus on best practices. Users can browse a book by chapter or page by page. Read an entire book, or an article, on any size screen with ease. Research titles from ASCD and Corwin Press; new titles are added annually. GVRL is easily accessible from any Canutillo ISD computer. Educators who access the site from home will be required to enter a password. Please contact your campus administration for further information.

• Listen to an article, or the translation, now or download it to any MP3 player.
• Print or e-mail a link to the PDF or download and save to the computer for reading later.
• Highlight a chapter, sentence, paragraph and save to the computer
• Resources are available 24/7

How to search Gale Resources Professional Development e-Books Collection 

Click on “Staff” on the top right hand corner of the Canutillo ISD home page. Located on the left side of the “For Staff” page is a menu with the Gale Resources link. Simply click the link and the page goes to the District Gale Resources site.

Search by author, title, or subjects. In the “Search” box located on the top left, type in author (i.e. Robert Marzano), book title or subject. If the subject is more than one word, enclose the search terms in quotation marks. Scroll down the screen to view book jackets for all the titles in the librarr.

A list of frequently searched subjects is provided in a menu format on the left side of the Gale Resources site. Click on any of these topics and go directly to a list of books. Scroll down the screen to view book jackets for all titles in the library.

After clicking on a linked title or an icon of the book use the e-Table of Contents link to access the initial pages of the book or links to each chapter.

NOTE: Individual chapters can be downloaded, BUT an entire book cannot.