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Facilities Request Information

The Board of Trustees permits public use of designated school facilities for educational, recreational, civic, or social activities, when these activities do not conflict with school use or District policies and regulations. In order to prevent excessive wear and tear, the Board shall limit the use of the high school stadium and high school auditorium solely to the District and other educational institutions and groups.

As stated in District Policy GKD (LOCAL) - All requests for use of District facilities or equipment shall be submitted to the associate superintendent. 

Requests for use by individuals, groups, or organizations to use facilities or equipment for financial profit, partisan political reasons, religious purposes, or serving the individual or group’s self-interest shall be approved by the Board.

All other requests shall be approved by the associate superintendent.

See the following policies for other information regarding facilities use:

  • Use by employee professional organizations: DGA
  • Use of facilities for school-sponsored and school-related activities: FM
  • Use by non-curriculum-related student groups: FNAB
  • Use by District-affiliated school-support organizations: GE
  • Use of facility for the sale of food items: CO

Approval shall not be granted for any purpose that would damage school
property or to groups that are known to have damaged other rented property
or when violence or vandalism has been threatened against school property or