¡Viva Canutillo!

Superintendent Galaviz Dear Canutillo Community,

The Canutillo Independent School District last week honored the people that make our school system operate like clockwork: our teachers and staff. The District had its first-ever CISD Teacher of the Year and Auxiliary Employee of the Year Awards Ceremony at Canutillo High School and the event was a star-studded gala. Right off the bat I want to congratulate our winners, CISD Auxiliary Employee of the Year Gerardo Amaya from Davenport Elementary School, CISD Elementary Teacher of the Year Myla Dayrit from Damian Elementary School and Bruce Hoang from Canutillo High School.

Mr. Amaya, a custodian at DDE, was chosen by the judges because of his commitment to the holistic approach to education that exists in that community. He always has a smile on his face and he is never too tired to lend a helping hand. His principal, Ms. Montanez, said he always goes above and beyond his outlined duties to make sure the children of Davenport have a clean and safe learning environment.

Ms. Dayrit, a fourth-grade teacher at Damian, is one of the teachers the District first recruited to the United States from the Philippines several years ago. She has remained in Canutillo as a loyal educator who believes in the power of education and wants to make a difference in the lives of children. Her innovative approach to instruction has yielded great results in the classroom and her principal, Dr. Aranda, believes she is a difference maker in her community.

Mr. Hoang is a longtime French teacher at Canutillo High and one of the most popular educators on campus. A native of Vietnam, Mr. Hoang is known throughout the Canutillo community for being an excellent teacher and an all-around nice guy. His approach to teaching is to engage with students on a personal level and help them reach their academic goals.

Quick side note: I want to make special note to the fact that Canutillo ISD this year has two Asian-American educators representing us at the Region 19 Teacher of the Year contest. Once again, this is proof positive that diversity and inclusion is paramount in Canutillo.

Congratulations to our three winners. I also want to thank the 18 other employees who participated in the Teacher of the Year and Auxiliary Employee of the Year programs this year. I am so happy with the way we celebrated them this year by showcasing their talents, passion and commitment to excellence. The theme for our celebration is “¡Viva Canutillo!” and I can’t think of a more fitting expression for the type of pride that exists in our community.

Have a great weekend!

Pedro Galaviz
Superintendent of Schools