Canutillo ISD Journey

Superintendent Galaviz Dear Canutillo Community,

As Superintendent, I am privileged to witness the potential and promise of the students in the Canutillo Independent School District every single day. Our schools are not just centers of learning — they are hubs of opportunity, growth, and community building. Yet, behind the scenes of every decision that shapes the educational landscape lies a fundamental democratic process: voting.

In our democratic society, voting is not just a right, it is a responsibility—an essential tool for shaping the future we want to see. As we approach the upcoming bond election on May 4, where voters will decide on issues such as school repairs, safety and security, growth, and career and technical education, it is imperative that we recognize the power vested in each of us as voters.

This bond election directly impacts every student in every school within the Canutillo ISD boundary lines. However, the fate of these initiatives lies in the hands of our community members who cast their votes. It's not just a matter of civic duty, it's about actively participating in decisions that directly affect our students.

We often hear the phrase, "Every vote counts," and it couldn't be truer. Each vote represents a voice—an opportunity to determine the kind of educational environment we want for our children and future generations. By engaging in the democratic process, we uphold the principles of representation and ensure that the diverse needs and perspectives within our community are heard and considered.

As part of our commitment to civic education, our high schools already instill in students the importance of their role in shaping the democratic process through voting. Now, it's time for our entire community to embrace this responsibility. Whether you're a parent, educator, business owner, or resident, your participation matters.

The deadline to register to vote in the Canutillo Bond 2024 election is April 4th. I urge everyone eligible to take action and register. To register in El Paso County, visit Empower yourself with knowledge about the bond proposals by visiting

Voting is not just about marking a ballot. By casting your vote, you become an active participant in the Canutillo ISD journey.

Pedro Galaviz
Superintendent of Schools