Circle the wagons

Message from the SuperintendentDear Canutillo Community,

Since the beginning of the health crisis, the district has been informed by experts in the field. These authorities look to objective measures, to facts, when forming their guidance. We work together with the safety and welfare of our community foremost in mind.

It is difficult enough to meet the challenges presented by the pandemic when we act collaboratively, advised by facts, but it becomes particularly arduous when misinformation prompts hysteria and irrational thinking. We urge all community members to look to the facts, as opposed to relying on rumor and innuendo.

Rumors involve people. For instance, there have been falsehoods circulated about individuals who may have contracted the virus. This sort of misinformation causes undue panic and works counter to the greater good. And the victim of these rumors suffers the uncalled-for stigma, which is often unfairly attached to infection. We implore our district citizens to join hands and look toward truth.

The state requires that we open our schools for onsite instruction. We have provided great flexibility to faculty, staff, parents, and students in relation to this mandate. No student is required to be physically present. We have moved rapidly in following our health protocols to protect teachers and staff. And, the majority of confirmed cases were from outside our schools. And those are facts.

In the 19th century, settlers moved west in convoys of horse-drawn wagons. When confronted by danger, they would “circle the wagons” to defend themselves outward towards attackers. I suggest that we “circle the wagons” in our mutual efforts to fend off the virus. Let our actions and words be outward against this terrible disease, not inward against each other.

Here are some updates regarding athletics. As a precautionary measure, the CHS football program has been postponed until further notice. Volleyball should return to play next week to play Parkland on Wednesday, October 14. Keep in mind that if the city moves to stage 1 on the COVID-19 community scorecard, no fans will be allowed at any events.

Good news! The 2020 Census deadline has been extended to October 31. If you haven’t already done so, complete the questionnaire today. Our community depends on a complete count!

And, don’t forget that election season is here. You have a voice in everything ranging from President of the United States to the Canutillo ISD School Board. Early voting takes place from October 13-30 and our central office at 7965 Artcraft Rd. is an early voting location!

District offices and most schools except Northwest Early College will be closed during the intersession, October 12-16. Meals will not be served during the break. Stay safe and rest if you are out of school next week!

Dr. Pedro Galaviz,
Superintendent of Schools