Gratitude & Diligence

Message from the Superintendent Dear Canutillo Community,

As the District gets ready to head into the long Thanksgiving Break, I have some time to reflect on the concept of gratitude that is prevalent throughout our schools and learning communities. It truly is a blessing to be a member of the Canutillo Family and we should all consider ourselves lucky to be able to count on one another as we move along this journey. So, without any hesitation, I want to say thank you to all of you for giving me and my family an extended community of support and friendship.

These last couple of years have taught us to be hypersensitive to the small details of our lives and to be thankful for every second of life we are given. If the pandemic offered any positive side to it, it was a knowledge that we can count on one another to survive and thrive. With that said, I want to extend my most sincere gratitude to the employees of the Canutillo Independent School District who have worked diligently to give our 6,200 students a world-class education. It’s because of the dedication of our teachers, the commitment from our auxiliary employees and the foresight of our elected board of trustees that we are able to say that we are the Best Small School District in Texas and El Paso’s only Tripe-A Rate School District.

Of course, much of that credit goes out to the students of Canutillo. Their drive to meet personal academic goals is the fuel that keeps us going. Every day they come to school eager to learn and every day they go home a little bit smarter. I am convinced that the work they put in to improve themselves will lead us to unprecedented heights. Watch out, El Paso! These Canutillo ISD Eagles are going to make a world of difference in our community!

Canutillo ISD will be closed for a week as our students and staff take a well-deserved break for Thanksgiving. I urge our District to take this time to reflect on what is important to them and their families and to give thanks for the bounty they have as members of our amazing Canutillo Community.

Have a happy and restful break, Canutillo! See you on Monday, Nov. 28.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pedro Galaviz
Superintendent of Schools