Growth & Renewal

Superintendent Galaviz Dear Canutillo Community,

Happy New Year! As we step into the vibrant season of growth and renewal, I am filled with immense pride and excitement to welcome each one of you back to the second half of our school year. The Canutillo Independent School District stands as a beacon of excellence and resilience, and as your Superintendent, I am thrilled to embark on this journey with you.

The second semester is not just a continuation of our academic calendar; it is a time brimming with some of the most memorable and significant milestones in our students' lives. From the anticipation of graduations to the glamour of proms, the recognition at awards ceremonies, and the much-deserved relaxation of spring break, these moments are milestones in the lives of our students and the fabric of our community.

To our students, this semester is your canvas. I encourage you to paint it with the vibrant colors of hard work, perseverance and excellence. Your journey towards graduation is more than just an academic pursuit, it's a testament to your resilience and determination. Let's continue to show the rest of Texas why Canutillo is not only the Best Small School District but also a place where dreams take flight.

To our teachers and staff, your unwavering dedication and commitment to our students have been the cornerstone of our success. As we navigate through these next few months, your role in shaping and guiding our students remains pivotal. Your passion and expertise are what make Canutillo the El Paso's ONLY Triple-A rated school district.

While we celebrate our present achievements, we also look ahead to address the challenges we face as a growing and evolving community. In this spirit, I am honored to welcome the Canutillo Facilities Assessment Task Force. This group of dedicated stakeholders begins its important work this Saturday with a comprehensive tour of our schools and growth areas. Your insights and assessments will be invaluable as we address the critical issues of declining enrollment and the need for campus improvements.

To each member of the Task Force, I extend my heartfelt gratitude in advance for your commitment and willingness to delve into these pressing issues. Your work will lay the foundation for a path forward for Canutillo, offering our community and the Board of Trustees well-considered options to manage and overcome our challenges.

To the rest of our Canutillo family, I invite you to stay informed and engaged with the developments and recommendations of the Task Force. Your voice and support are essential as we navigate these crucial decisions for the future of our district.

As we move forward into 2024, let us do so with a shared vision of excellence and a commitment to the success of every student under our care. Let's work together to uphold the pride and prestige that comes with being a part of Canutillo ISD.

Viva Canutillo! Together, we will continue to soar to new heights.

Pedro Galaviz
Superintendent of Schools