Homage to Hispanic Heritage

Superintendent Galaviz Dear Canutillo Community,

As we gather to celebrate the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month, it is with great pride and respect that we reflect upon the rich Mexican-American roots that run deep within our district. This month, we honor the enduring spirit, contributions and cultural heritage of our Hispanic community, which has played an integral role in shaping the Canutillo we know and love today.

It is essential to acknowledge that Canutillo ISD, in large part, was founded in the 1950s as a response to the glaring inequities in education that children of Hispanic heritage faced at the time. Our district's establishment was a testament to the determination and resolve of a community that recognized the importance of providing every child with equal access to quality education — regardless of their background or ethnicity.

The early pioneers of our district understood that education is the great equalizer, and they fought tirelessly to ensure that their children had the same opportunities as their peers. This commitment to educational equity is a cornerstone of our district's history, and it continues to guide our work today.

Hispanic Heritage Month serves as a powerful reminder of the strength and resilience of the Mexican-American community in Canutillo. It is a time to celebrate the achievements, traditions and culture that have enriched our district and our lives. It is also an opportunity for all of us to learn from the past, to appreciate the journey that brought us here and to recognize that diversity is one of our greatest strengths.

Our district stands as a testament to the success that can be achieved when we come together as a diverse and inclusive community. Our schools are vibrant melting pots of cultures, languages and experiences. Each day, we have the privilege of witnessing the incredible potential that our students, regardless of their background, bring to our classrooms. Our teachers, staff, and administrators are dedicated to fostering an environment where every student can thrive and succeed.

As we commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month, let us not only celebrate the past but also look to the future. Our community's diversity is a source of inspiration, innovation and strength. It reminds us that our differences are what make us stronger, more resilient, and better prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow.

In Canutillo ISD, we are committed to continuing the legacy of those who came before us. We will work tirelessly to ensure that every student, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to receive a world-class education that prepares them for success in an ever-changing world. We will continue to champion diversity, equity and inclusion as fundamental principles that guide our actions and decisions.

As we move forward, let us do so with hope and optimism, knowing that the future of Canutillo is bright because of our shared commitment to providing a better life for all our students.

Together, we will continue to build a community that thrives on its rich heritage, celebrates its diversity, and works collaboratively to create a brighter future for generations to come.
Thank you for being an essential part of the Canutillo ISD family. ¡Feliz mes de la herencia hispana!

Pedro Galaviz
Superintendent of Schools