Orange Out

Message from the Superintendent Dear Canutillo Community,

Students and staff throughout the Canutillo Independent School District today are wearing their favorite orange gear in an Orange Out of the District. The purpose of this celebration is to cheer on the Canutillo High School Varsity Boys Basketball Team that will be playing in the Area Round of the Texas Playoffs tonight against Amarillo High School in Andrews, Texas. We hope seeing so many people wearing orange shows the team that they have a whole community behind them and that we are extremely proud of them! Go get them, boys and Coach Morales!

The fact that we continue to have Orange Out days to celebrate athletic accomplishments is not new. Frankly, they are becoming the norm around here. And for that, I am proud. Canutillo has become an athletics powerhouse in El Paso and all of West Texas. Both our boys and girls teams continue to make headlines for taking us deep into the playoffs in several sports. It shows the gritty nature of our District and the dedication of not only our students, but our coaches as well.

Go Eagles!

We had a week filled with accolades for the District. On Wednesday, the Canutillo Public Information Office received 10 Star Awards from the Texas School Public Relations Association. The awards recognize efforts by school districts to showcase the work that is done by students and staff, so these awards are really proof positive that we continue to care about spreading the good news of the great things that are happening in our campuses.

More and more, school districts are relying on their staff to tell their own stories, and here in Canutillo we count with the help of an amazing team of communicators that find fun and innovative ways to engage with our parents, employees and – of course – our students. This week, in fact, the way we interact with our students seems to have created some fanfare.

Our staff has different approaches to interacting with parents, staff and students. Each approach is meant to encourage meaningful and active engagement using tactics that work with each group. When it comes to our students on Instagram, we like to joke around with them. And while we always respect them, we do take a familiar tone with them. That approach was noticed by FitFam, a local Instagram channel, who shared some of the examples of our interactions with students.

While the way we interact with students may be unorthodox, it is proving effective. We want to make sure students feel comfortable speaking with us and – like any good teacher knows – that may mean adapting to their style of speaking and engaging.

We hope you have a great weekend, Canutillo!

Pedro Galaviz
Superintendent of Schools