Roadmap to Success

Superintendent Galaviz Dear Canutillo Community,

On Thursday evening, more than 40 community members gathered in the Canutillo ISD boardroom to take part in an exercise we feel will be a catalyst for great things to come. The group of students, employees, parents, taxpayers, civic leaders, business owners and religious leaders are part of the Canutillo 2028 Strategic Plan Advisory Committee. The committee is a wide representation of the entire Canutillo community and their input will be invaluable as we draft the roadmap for the District over the next five years.

The Canutillo 2028 Strategic Plan will help us create a roadmap to success for the District. This document will outline our goals and determine metrics for success that you as a member of the public will be able to track and monitor. This means that Canutillo ISD will add an extra layer of accountability to the public.

These strategic goals need to reflect the goals of our community. That’s why gathering these stakeholders was of utmost importance for us. Each member of this group brings with them a specific set of knowledge, desire and vision that will help us craft the most perfect plan for Canutillo.

Their input, as well as the input we gather from District leaders and school trustees, will be gathered into an easy to use document we will share with the public via our website.

Their work is not yet done. The committee has agreed to meet once again to review and finalize their contribution. We hope to be ready to present the strategic plan this summer.

I want to thank all the members of the committee for their time and insight. Your contributions will help us reach new heights.

In other action, students will begin taking the STAAR and EOC exams next week. While we don’t focus on state testing as the main gauge of our academic success, we understand the importance the state has placed on these exams.

I know our teachers continue to prepare our students to be successful in the STAAR/EOC as well as all other assessments needed to graduate. I am confident this year we will continue to outperform the rest of the state.

Good luck, Canutillo!

Pedro Galaviz
Superintendent of Schools