Serving Every Child, Every School

Message from the Superintendent Dear Canutillo Community,

The Board of Trustees on Monday, Aug. 22, voted to send the voters of the District a bond referendum we’ve called “Every Child, Every School.” The election, if approved by the voters, would allow the District to address critical needs at schools and facilities in four main areas: safety and security, growth, equity and student programming. The $264.1 million in bonds would impact every child in every school at a cost to taxpayers of no more than 3 cents to the CISD tax rate, or about $5 a month for the average home in the District.

I want to thank the Board for their foresight in getting this referendum in front of the voters for consideration. It’s important for our community to assess the needs of the District and then make a decision that best suits their family. The project list in the bond has been carefully vetted and it conforms to several assessments and studies conducted by CISD, including the Facilities Masterplan and the recently completed Safety & Security Assessment.

Included in the bond are these projects:

  • $14 million in safety and security upgrades throughout the District.
  • A classroom wing for Canutillo High, a campus that is at capacity this year.
  • Construction of a brick-and-mortar classroom campus for Northwest Early College.
  • Reconstruction of Canutillo Middle School at its current site on Bosque Road.
  • Relocation of Alderete Middle School to a new campus on the 79911 ZIP Code.
  • Construction of multipurpose rooms at 5 elementary schools.
  • Construction of a classroom wing at Reyes Elementary, which is overcapacity.
  • Major investment to deferred maintenance at every elementary school, except Reyes.
    For a complete list of projects click here:

As you can see, the bond projects span our four main areas of concern and impact students in every school in the District.

I know this bond comes in the wake of the unsuccessful 2021 bond which failed to receive support from the voters. The District has spent months speaking with stakeholders and analyzing data to determine chief concerns among our community. Time and time again we heard two terms: trust and accountability. We are taking this input to heart.

On the Administration’s part, we are vowing to engage the public in a much more robust way in order to not only better explain the bond, but — if approved — to create constant and expansive ways keep our community informed on the progress of each bond project. Those include more than community meetings. We would create a web portal that would allow the public to track the progress of each constriction progress in real time.

The Board will do its part as well. Trustees soon will consider a legally-binding resolution we are calling their Contract with the Voters. This contract would commit the Board to the project list presented to the public and outline other avenues for transparency, including the creation of a citizens oversight committee to represent the community in the successful completion of the bond. The contract also would establish timelines to make sure the projects are done not only on budget, but in time.

We’ll begin engaging our community with information of this bond immediately. I invite you to start learning more about the Every Child, Every School Bond by visiting our website at

I look forward to speaking to you in person about Every Child, Every School!

Pedro Galaviz
Superintendent of Schools