Student Safety and Prevention Protocols
Student Safety and Prevention Protocols
Posted on 08/07/2020
Message from the SuperintendentBenjamin Franklin famously proclaimed that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Canutillo ISD is planning to open its doors again to students, staff and faculty for onsite/remote instruction. However, it must be stated that we are taking several precautions to ensure the wellbeing of every individual in the midst of the health crisis. We believe this investment in safety measures, or our “ounce of prevention”, will help the district avoid the heavy consequences of virus spread in our community.

To this end, we will have staggered starting times for the different grade levels and arranged multiple entrance points to foster distancing. Frequently touched surfaces are continually cleaned and tested for contaminants. Other strategies include installing more than 400 touchless hand sanitizer stations district-wide. We’ve placed regulatory and guidance signs, including distance markers. We’re implementing health screening protocols for staff and students, including the use of touchless thermometers, limited visitor access, use of face shields for teachers and younger students, and mandatory use of face masks. We also have proactive and reactive protocols to address suspected outbreaks.

While safety is our driving priority in view of the pandemic, we have not lost sight of the critical importance of providing quality education. Our expectations will remain high and rigorous instruction will continue to be the norm as we strive to prepare a future generation of leaders and professionals.

We are so excited for the next phase of Canutillo Connect and providing every student registered with an electronic device. Due to COVID-19, the electronic devices are delayed. While many students may not have their devices by the first week of instruction, we will make sure every student has an alternate device and/or packet to get their first week of school started. Apple devices are scheduled to be distributed during the second week of school.

Our child nutrition program will continue to ensure that every student registered has the opportunity for healthy meals so that they can concentrate on their learning.

It is our hope that CISD graduates will contribute to the cure. It is our hope that they will eliminate the threat of global pandemics. We know our graduates will make the world a better place.