Thank You Awesome Admins

Superintendent Galaviz Dear Canutillo Community,

The calendar is marked with tons of fun and inventive holidays that often keep our schools motivated and happy. Whether it is National Donut Day (June 2), Wear Brown Shoes Day (Dec. 4) or even Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (Feb. 4), our schools and offices find ways to celebrate almost on a daily basis.

This week, however, there are two very-much-real holidays that are near and dear to everyone in the Canutillo Independent School District. Wednesday, April 26 was Administrative Professionals Day, the day we celebrate the women and men who keep our offices running smoothly. Previously known as Secretary’s Day, this holiday helps us acknowledge the people who normally make it their job to acknowledge everyone else in the office. Here in Canutillo we are lucky enough to count on the services of a corps of administrative professionals who take their jobs very seriously. Whether they work at a campus or at central office, these ladies and gentlemen are the heart and soul of our operations. Without a doubt, they keep the District running and we would be completely lost without their valued contributions. I want to thank all of our administrative assistants for their unwavering commitment to our District and to the children of Canutillo.

Speaking of children, one of my favorite unofficial holidays is coming up on Sunday, April 30. That’s the day Mexico celebrates El Día del Niño, or the Day of the Child. While this holiday is not officially recognized in the United States, the El Paso community has embraced it as something that is uniquely ours. On this day we make it a point to celebrate and honor the magic of children and the joy they bring to our families, schools and city. The holiday is normally marked with great educational celebrations, most notably those involving literacy and creativity for young kids.

I urge everyone to take some time this weekend to thank an admin professional in their life. I also ask that they celebrate the children that make up their family and community. Without these two groups of people, our lives would be so much more difficult and boring.

Happy Administrative Professionals Day! ¡Feliz Día del Niño!