The Preciousness of Human Life

Message from the SuperintendentDear Canutillo community,

Current events have again reminded us of the preciousness, fragility, and fleeting nature of human life. The impacts of global conflict are often inconceivable and reach far beyond physical borders. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Ukraine. As you probably know, they were invaded and are suffering loss of life and extreme miseries.

We know students, families, and staff may be personally affected by these recent actions, in addition to issues or feelings in their personal lives. We remind parents to always be vigilant by closely monitoring the well-being of their children. If you are concerned about your child or feel they need additional support, please contact their teacher or counselor. We are here for any student, staff, or community member who may need support. Please do not hesitate to contact me or your school for help. Counseling & School Social Services

Successful Intersession, Thank You Teachers and Parents 
Intersession ended this week and we had a great turnout. Our students voluntarily participated in accelerated instruction to extend content area knowledge to continue building a strong foundation. Thank you staff and parents for your continued partnership. We work together as one team with one vision, ensuring the success of every student.

Enjoy your spring break and we will see you back on Monday, March 21, 2022.  

Parent-Teacher Conferences
Mark your calendars! Make sure to schedule time with your child's teacher on March 24, 2022. (All campuses expect NWECHS)

NWECHS Shoe Drive & Fundraiser
The NWECHS Class of 2024 is partnering with Got Sneakers. Got Sneakers is a shoe recycling organization that takes gently worn sneakers and in return they give funds to benefit schools and organizations. They saw this as a perfect opportunity to give back to the environment.

Why Help? Most people throw away their shoes every 125-200 days without thinking about recycling them.

Sneaker manufacturing can produce toxic amounts of CO2 which contributes to climate change and global warming. Recycling and reusing sneakers keeps sneakers out of landfills, reduces the need for manufacturing new sneakers, and supports a growing circular economy.  This is an opportunity for people in need of shoes. If shoes cannot be donated to someone in need, we will still help the environment by recycling them.

How can you help? Drop off the sneakers at any campus until April 1! 

ThoughtExchange, I want to hear from you
A friendly reminder that I want to hear from you! The district is currently working on its 5-year strategic plan that consists of 5 levers focused on optimal district operations, measurable growth, staff & student support, family engagement and a strong, positive culture and image amongst stakeholders.

LeversI invite you to share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions on how best to achieve maximum success in Lever 1: optimal district operations.  Some examples of District operations include:
  • Positive and Engaging Learning Environment
  • Safety and Security
  • Child Nutrition
  • Financial Integrity and Transparency
  • Facilities
We will be using your thoughts to inform our strategic planning. We are using ThoughtExchange so everyone has a chance to share their perspectives and understand what’s most important to the group.

Please share your thoughts and then rate at least 25-30 of the thoughts that others have shared. Your participation is confidential, so no one will know who shared or rated which thoughts. Come back often until March 11 at noon to rate new ideas.