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Message from Board President Patsy Mendoza - Sept. 1

Posted on 09/01/2023

Dear Canutillo Familia,

I am overwhelmed with joy in sharing the news that Northwest Early College High School has once again brought great pride to Canutillo ISD for their academic prowess. Earlier this week, the school was designated as one of America’s Best High Schools by U.S. News & World Report magazine for the second consecutive year. This remarkable accomplishment is a testament to the unwavering dedication, hard work and outstanding commitment that students, educators, staff and parents have put into nurturing a culture of excellence.

Earning this esteemed recognition from U.S. News & World Report is not only a reflection of the outstanding academic programs and opportunities provided at Northwest Early College, but also a reflection of the resilience and determination of our entire Canutillo community. Our students continue to demonstrate exceptional scholastic aptitude, and our educators tirelessly guide them towards success, ensuring that they are well-equipped for their future endeavors.

Earlier this year, NWECHS also earned the prestigious Best Schools in America designation from the National Center for Urban School Transformation in May. This double recognition underscores the consistent and holistic approach to education that Northwest embraces – an approach that fosters not only academic excellence but also character development and community engagement.

As we celebrate these remarkable achievements, let us remember that such milestones are the result of collaborative efforts. Our parents have been pillars of support, partnering with our educators to provide students with a conducive learning environment. Our dedicated staff members have gone above and beyond to create an atmosphere where students feel motivated to excel. Our community, with its unwavering encouragement, has played a significant role in nurturing the spirit of achievement within our students.

Looking ahead, I am confident that Northwest Early College will continue to be a beacon of educational excellence, inspiring generations to come. Together, we will continue to strive for greatness, pushing boundaries and embracing innovative approaches to education. Our commitment to providing an exceptional learning experience remains steadfast, and we will continue to empower our students to reach new heights of success.

Once again, congratulations to NWECHS on this outstanding achievement. May this recognition serve as a reminder of what can be achieved through dedication, collaboration, and an unyielding passion for education. I am honored to be part of a community that values education and its transformative power.

¡Un fuerte abrazo!

Patricia Mendoza
School Board President
Canutillo Independent School District