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Message from Board President Patsy Mendoza - Aug. 25

Posted on 08/25/2023

Dear Canutillo Familia,

Today, I am thrilled to introduce two remarkable individuals who will be joining us in a unique and groundbreaking capacity on the Canutillo ISD Board of Trustees. Please join me in warmly welcoming Paris Gastelum from Northwest Early College High School and Gustavo Ayala from Canutillo High School as our new Student Advisors to the Board!

We are incredibly proud to be the only school district in Texas that has embraced the innovative concept of having student advisors sit alongside our esteemed Board members. Paris and Gustavo will bring fresh perspectives, insightful ideas and a deep understanding of the student experience to our discussions and decision-making processes.

As Student Advisors, Paris and Gustavo will play a crucial role in ensuring that the voices of our students are heard at the highest levels of leadership. They will actively engage with the Board members, discussing and vetting issues that impact our district. This collaborative effort not only enriches our decision-making but also reinforces our commitment to transparency and inclusivity.

Paris Gastelum is a bright and enthusiastic student from Northwest Early College High School. With a passion for community service and a strong drive to make a difference, Paris is already a role model to many of her peers. We are excited to see her bring her energy and dedication to our Board discussions.

Gustavo Ayala, from Canutillo High School, brings with him a wealth of experience in extracurricular activities and a genuine concern for the well-being of his fellow students. His insights will undoubtedly enrich our conversations and provide valuable context to the issues we address.

As we embark on this new chapter with Paris and Gustavo, I want to express my gratitude to our entire community for supporting this initiative. Our commitment to providing a well-rounded education extends beyond the classroom, and by including our students in the decision-making process, we are fostering a culture of active engagement and responsibility.

To Paris and Gustavo, I extend a heartfelt welcome on behalf of the Canutillo ISD Board of Trustees. Your contributions will shape the future of our district, and we are eager to work alongside you to create a positive and impactful educational experience for all our students.

Thank you, Canutillo ISD community, for your continued support. Together, we are leading the way in redefining the student-school relationship and ensuring that our district remains a shining example of innovation and inclusivity.

¡Un fuerte abrazo!

Patricia Mendoza
School Board President
Canutillo Independent School District