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¡Vivan los empleados!

Message From Board President Patsy Mendoza - May 12

Posted on 05/12/2023

This was a banner week of celebrations for the Canutillo Independent School District and for education all over the country. As we get closer and closer to the end of the school year, we begin to ponder on the impact our employees have had in the lives of our kids. Without a doubt, Canutillo educators and staff members go above and beyond their call of duty and I am beyond proud to be part of this team.

I’m sure parents are aware that the week that is ending is Teacher Appreciation Week, the time of the year when we reinforce our celebration of classroom teachers and teacher figures. To say that Canutillo has amazing teachers is an understatement. It is no coincidence that Canutillo has been deemed the Best Small School District in Texas. It’s also no accident that our district is the ONLY district in the region to have received an A rating from the Texas Education Agency three rating periods in a row. While the entire team here in Canutillo ISD plays a hand in the success of students, it is the teachers that are our first line of support for students. Their work and dedication is unparalleled and the positive influence they have over our students provides great support to our families. Thank you, Canutillo teachers, for choosing our kids and our schools to practice your craft. We love you!

Teachers were not the only ones who were celebrated this week, however. On May 10 we also observed two important days: School Nurses Day and Paraprofessionals Day. I want to take some time to express my immense gratitude to these two groups.

School nurses have always been an important part of our approach to education. However, never have they played a more critical role than in the past three years. School nurses do more than just tend to students with tummy aches. They are often the first healthcare professionals to tend to our students and – given the pandemic we just survived – they have stepped up to the plate to provide unprecedented services to our families and our staff. In a world where nurses are in high demand and we must compete with hospitals and the health industry to fill our school nurse positions, I am grateful to have our Canutillo nurses on board to help us keep our students healthy and, therefore, ready to learn.

Of course, paraprofessionals are near and dear to my heart. As a former Canutillo employee, I have experienced first hand the work our paraprofessionals do to help educate our students. From clerks and secretaries to teacher aides, these individuals know our community inside out. They are often the first employees to step up to the plate to help and take additional responsibilities, and they’re often the last ones to be thanked for the work they do. I want to tell our Canutillo ISD paraprofessionals that their work doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you!

On behalf of the entire Canutillo ISD Board of Trustees I want to thank our teachers, nurses and paraprofessionals for the outstanding work they do in serving our students. Have a great rest of the school year. Thank you for making this year a great success!