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Superintendent's Message

March 13, 2020, when we broke for spring break, no one could have imagined that our world
would be turned upside down. Our comfortable and predictable approaches to educating
students would be cast aside by pure necessity.

While some may be blinded by what they perceive as the darkness of current times, we elect
to see the opportunities illuminated by the light of hope and possibility.

Instead of tearing our school system apart, the pandemic brought us closer together to
reimagine what we do - to consider better strategies - to reconfigure our methods.

For instance, in short order, CISD faculty and staff effectively deployed online learning
platforms. This effort was complemented by the provision of devices and internet accessibility
to all students, closing the digital divide.

Students returned to schools, protected by comprehensive safety protocols. We are so
proud to be part of a team that accomplished so much in such a brief period of time for the
benefit of the students we serve. We achieved it together.

And, in many ways, families have grown closer. The pandemic has provided a pause from the
normal rush and hurried routines of life. Instead of moms and dads hustling out the front
door for work, many stayed home with their children, providing plenty of opportunities to
strengthen bonds.

After storms, rainbows appear. Coming out of this health challenge, we will have greater
equity in terms of technology. Teachers will possess improved computer skills, innovative
instructional techniques will better impact student learning, and CISD staff and the families
they serve will have grown closer.

We choose to see the light. We choose to see the rainbow.

Warmest regards,

Dr. Pedro Galaviz
Superintendent of CISD Schools

Vision Statement

Canutillo ISD is the premier district. We lead today to positively impact tomorrow.

Mission Statement

Canutillo ISD supports and embraces diversity in a multi-cultural society. Our school community thrives in a safe, engaging, inclusive learning environment. We provide equitable opportunities to ensure our future-ready students are inspired to explore, learn, grow and excel.

Core Beliefs

Culture of Excellence • Student Centered • High Expectations • Accountability • Transparency 

  1. Provide a safe & secure environment.
  2. Increase student academic achievement.
  3. Enhance student character & drive towards a career/ profession.
  4. Building meaningful parent partnership for their empowerment and engagement in their child’s education.
  5. Convey and share a positive image to all CISD & community stakeholders.
Academic Achievement

 •  Schools that met standard  
 •  Schools not meeting standard  0
 •  Graduation rate  91%
 •  Scholarship and grant funds awarded  $56,000,000

Student Demographics
 •  White  272
 •  Hispanic  5,848
 •  African American  64
 •  Asian  25
 •  Native American  5
 •  Pacific Islander   1
 •  Multiethnic  29
Number of students   6,200
Student attendance rate  96%
English Language Learners
(ELL) students


Total Employees
 •  Teachers  414
 •  Professional Support  67
 •  Administration  99
 •  Clerical  39
 •  Substitute Teachers/Tutors   214
 •  Auxiliary Staff   222
 •  Staring Teacher Salary $52,500

 Elementary Schools                                6
Middle Schools                         2
High Schools        2