Frequently Asked Questions

Questions from Just for Kids Committee:

  1. Can we include more students in this process? (Parents would like to have their children to have a voice in this process.)

    • We welcome student participation in these meetings if they decide to do so. Also, there will be additional opportunities for the students to provide input on the projects the District decides to carry forward.

  2. Why is so much money being spent on renovation at the Lone Star Building?

    • The Lone Star Building houses over 30 different community programs and the Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP). Some of these programs include the Canutillo Northwest Health Center, Project Bravo, Adult Literacy Program, Community Pantry and Closet, to name a few. If the district continues to use the facility, construction work is needed to address function and safety.

  3. How can we include more student voices in these important conversations?

    • The district continues to invite the community via various platforms, such as social media, direct weekly emails, superintendent’s weekly message and phone calls. The district is also asking those in attendance to share the information, invite others and/or bring the communities concerns to the JFK committee.

  4. What things to do schools need to be a place that offers variety for students?

    • New technologies and design trends in education lend themselves to meet the needs of this generation of students; building typologies are emerging with rooms and spaces not built even a few years ago. CISD is looking at the possibility of designing, building, and utilizing new and modern spaces.

  5. Would like to learn more about the expected bond.

    • The upcoming Just for Kids Committee Meetings on June 16, and June 23 will focus on information related to the possible bond.

  6. What is the timeline of fulfillment of commitments of the bond?

    • The Bond is preliminarily structured to be completed within 7 years.

  7. How will the bond help bridge the gap that students are feeling?

    • The district is analyzing its existing infrastructure in a holistic way, meaning, to look at it from all aspects of the teaching environment. Investment in our infrastructure and programs provides continuous growth and improvement opportunities for student success.

  8. I would like to review data to make informed decisions.

    • During the Just for Kids Committee meetings, participants will receive the information necessary to make sound, equitable, and strategic recommendations to the Board.

  9. Committee responsibilities?

    • The Just for Kids (JFK) Committee is an important committee that will advise the Canutillo ISD administration and school board in planning for facilities that support positive school experiences now and for generations to come. Committee members will learn about the district’s growth, facilities and finances, and then provide an update to the board in July 2021 regarding the need and scope of a bond referendum.

      JFK will meet to review presentations and information and create a report of their findings and recommendations for the CISD Board of Trustees.

  10. How do we continue to support and expand/reach out to more community members?

    • You can help by reaching out to your community, at the campus level.

  11. How does the committee let schools and students know how they want to help them?

    • The district has reached out to all campuses and parent liaisons. The district is also accommodating meeting requests at the campus level to provide additional information.

  12. Why is this committee or these meetings not bilingual, knowing that CISD has a large population of Hispanic students and parents?

    • Translation services are available at every meeting. At the start of every meeting, we ask if there is a need for translation services for those in attendance.

  13. What are the maintenance budgets for the District?

    • The Facilities Department’s entire operating budget is approximately $1.9 million every year. This covers utilities bills, tools & equipment, etc. Approximately $630k is directly used to pay for preventive and/or corrective maintenance.

  14. How will we keep in mind the economic impact of the bond (and the pandemic) so that we are an inclusive and equitable district without pushing others out?

    • The district’s top priority is to offer a premier education in a safe and secure environment. Ensuring fiscal responsibility is one of the tasks of the Just for Kids Committee. The Committee will provide a recommendation to the board regarding the need and scope of a bond referendum.

  15. How will we come to a consensus on what will be best for our kids?

    • The Just for Kids Committee is organized in a way that provides collaboration, shared experiences, and district data in order to make informed decisions and recommendations that best support the district.

  16. How can we improve communication to community? Need more outreach, multiple contacts, open invite for questions.

    • The Just for Kids Committee is organized in a way that allows for questions/comments at every meeting or via email at [email protected] In addition, participation in the committee remains open for new members.

  17. How can community partners help reach your goals?

    • Partnerships are essential for helping students achieve at their maximum potential and, community involvement will continue to be a cornerstone of public schools. Greater recognition and support of the importance of these collaborative efforts is supported by the district.

  18. How will you be able to renovate our old schools without effecting building new ones? CMS needs a lot of attention.

    • Through the JFK Committee, CISD is facilitating the discussions that will allow us to equitably address our future infrastructure needs without losing sight of our existing conditions.

  19. What does a bond election entail? What will actually/specifically be done with this bond?

    • The JFK Committee will assist CISD’s Board of Trustees in selecting the specific projects to be included in the Bond packet. Preliminary recommendations include a new CTE Center, District Wide Safety and Security Projects, and Technology Upgrades.

  20. How do we give the kids more opportunities to discover what they like or dislike before we make them choose a pathway or college major?

    • The district is strengthening career exploration in the elementaries with strong counseling presentations. In the middles school, students take classes in career exploration.

  21. How will the District profiles be implemented?

    • The implementation of the profiles will be worked through and embedded in the five year strategic plan.