Mission | Vision | Goals

Mission Statement
Canutillo ISD’s purpose is to provide high quality educational experiences that will inspire and prepare all students to apply the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective leaders and productive citizens.

Vision Statement
Canutillo ISD is a premier school district with nationally-ranked, multi-literate graduates ready to excel in college, their careers, their community, and in life.


Goal One:  Provide a Safe & Secure Environment

By May 2016 CISD safe environment will increase to 96% from 94% as indicated from the Employee opinion survey.

By May 2016 the facilities department will conduct a full assessment of Canutillo ISD’s safety and security processes and procedures in order to evaluate and adjust as necessary. 

By the end of June 2016 CISD will initiate a 5 year comprehensive plan on safety and security.  

By the end of June 2016 CISD will develop and implement a district wide equitable facilities plan. 

By June 2016 100% of campus Assistant Principals will be trained to provide formal training to staff to accurately identify and report bullying in accordance to the Texas Anti-bullying law.  

By June 2016, all campuses will increase positive discipline strategies to decrease in-school suspensions and Out-of-school suspension by 6%.  


Goal Two:  Increase Student Academic Achievement

By the end of May 2016 CISD overall student achievement scores on STAAR will increase in Reading to 80% from 76%, Writing to 70% from 66%, Science to 77% from 73% and Social Studies to 75% from 67%. 

By the end of May 2016 CISD overall achievement scores on EOC will increase in English I to 73% from 68%, English II to 70% from 65%, Algebra to 83% from 79%, Biology to 94% from 92% and US History to 92% from 89%. 

By May 2016 CISD ELL student scores on STAAR/EOC will be within 10% points of all student groups.   

By May 2016 CISD students in Special Education taking the STAAR Accommodated test will meet state average. 

By May 2016 CISD percentage of students reaching Level 3 Advanced in STAAR/EOC will increase in Reading to 18% from 15%, Writing to 6% from 4%, Social Studies to 12% from 9%, Science to 12% from 9%, Algebra I to 39% from 36%, Biology to 20% from 18%, US History to 25% from 23%, English I to 6% from 4%, English II to 6% from 4%. 

By May 2016 CISD will increase overall ACT scores to 21 to support College Readiness. 

By the end of June 2016 all eligible 8, 9 and 10th grade students will take the ACT Aspire and meet 2 of the 5 ACT College Readiness Benchmarks. 

By June 2016 all eligible graduation seniors will apply to one college or university and register for one college entrance exam. 

By June 2016 all eligible graduation seniors will earn a total of 5 million dollars in scholarships and financial aid. 

By January 2016, each campus will create a Transition Action Plan for 5th and 8th grade students. 

By May 2016 Curriculum and Instruction will create and upload Learning Goals and Proficiency Scales to the TEKS Resource System for all K-12 ELAR and Math content and the tested curriculums in Social Studies and Science to support the instructional framework. 

By the end of Jan 2016, C&I will develop and begin to train teachers, administrators, and instructional support staff on a differentiated-tier support model and RTI process for all students.  

By May 2016, 100% of all special education students identified, will be screened and placed in programs that fit their academic, physical, emotional and behavior needs according to their ARD committee decision. 

By June 2016, 100% of teachers will be given professional development opportunities that support content, curriculum development, the instructional framework, and special populations in order to improve student achievement.

By May 2016, all bilingual / ESL teachers in Canutillo schools will participate in professional development on effective teaching strategies, improving reading comprehension and on curriculum alignment.   

By January 2016, the Academic Language Services will develop and implement a K-2 rubric to benchmark state proficiency standards for the dual language program. 

By the end of June 2016, second and first grade students will acquire the recommended fluency rate as indicated by the state. (1st 60-90 wpm, 2nd 80-120wpm) 

By the end of 2016, all new teachers will have opportunities to participate in the new teacher induction program.  

By June 2016 CISD will increase attendance rate to 96.3% from 95.83%.  

By May 2016 CISD, will increase teacher attendance rate to 92% from 90%.  

By June 2016 CISD will conduct 2 career development and pathway sessions with employees inspiring to become teachers &/or administrators. 

By June 2016 CISD will refine our performance management system linked to measuring learning outcomes by enhancing student success.  

By January 2016, CISD will identify identify hard to fill positions in order to develop a plan to recruit, attract and retain these vacancies.


Goal Three: Enhance Student Character & Drive Towards a Career/Profession

Using the American School Counseling (ASCA) model, all counselors and social worker will begin to develop the personal/social domain of the comprehensive guidance and counseling program for pre-kindergarten to 12, to include character, etiquette, student communication and utilization of community agencies.  

By June 2016, all campuses will maintain or increase 5% in each Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Benchmarks of Quality.  

By May 2016, three CTE endorsement Academies will be established at Canutillo High School with advisory boards that promote recruiting, retention, and job shadowing/internship opportunities.  

By the end of May 2016, 100% of the campuses will have established a Coordinated School Health Team to address the eight components and benchmark data utilizing the quarterly reports.  

By Fall 2015 all campuses will provide the opportunity for students to participate in programs, field trips and events supporting character, education, social skills development and behavior management. 

Goal Four:  Build Meaningful Parent Partnerships for their Empowerment & Engagement in Their Child's Education

By June 2016, all campuses will provide a minimum of one parent academic information night.  

By June 2016, 100% of the campuses will promote parent engagement and continue collecting data on parent participation.  

By June 2016, Professional Learning Communities will be developed for all office and support staff members to focus on customer service and creating family-orientated schools. 

By June 2016 all campuses will have at least 4 performances showcasing students Music, Visual, and Performing Arts. The High School Performing Arts programs will expand by clearly defining its annual targets. 

By May 2016, Academic Languages Services will continue to provide a 120 hour summer program for all English Language learning Pre-K and K students to familiarize parents and students to the educational system and provide pre-reading and Pre-writings strategies.

By May 2016, Special Education department will continue to provide Extended School Year programs for qualifying special education students to ensure a minimal regression during the summer months.

Goal Five:  Convey and Share a Positive Image to all CISD & Community Stakeholders

By January 2016, all campus logos will be updated.

By June 2016, all campuses will be trained how to effectively utilize website contact management system, school messenger, and Canutillo APP.

By June 2016, Canutillo ISD will have 4 outreach events to promote our students, staff,  programs, and community.

By June 2016, develop internal and external communication and promotional strategies to enhance the public’s awareness of Canutillo’s students, staff, programs, and community.

10 weekly posts to social media and other media outlets that promote our students, staff, programs, and community.

Ensure weekly updates to Canutillo and campus websites.

By January 2016, develop key data documents of Canutillo to ensure uniform understanding of the District’s history, demographics, student achievement data, staff data, financial data.

By June 2016, all campuses will have a minimum of two new partnerships.

By June 2016, will develop a speaker bureau to have an initial minimum membership of 20 speakers who will represent a broad array of employment fields.

By June 2016, Partners in Education will be established and begin to solicit funds and conduct fundraising activities to build a body of funds that may be used for campus and district purposes.

By June 2016 CISD will communicate monthly with Board of Trustees, CBAC, and the community regarding the current status of Bond Projects, to include financial status, budget analysis, construction status; close-out and occupancy status.

By June 2016 CISD will spend at a minimum 85% of federal allocated budgets in order to accomplish CISD goals and comply with federal guidelines. The remaining 15% will roll forward to the next fiscal year.  

By May 2016 CISD will meet the minimum expenditure requirements for the Special Education, Career and Technology, Compensatory Education, Bilingual Education, Gifted and Talented programs as listed in the TEA 2014-2015 Summary of Finances in order to meet our student academic goals. 

By January 2016, major central office departments will develop scorecards that measures efficiency, alignment, and performance.

By June 2016 CISD stakeholders will champion the district as a premier educational system, employer and community by showcasing our history, stories, activities, and events.