What We Do

The Curriculum and Instruction Department coordinates the review, development, and revision of all mathematics programs and related curriculum documents and materials, including curriculum guides, course outlines, and teaching plans. The division works cooperatively with directors, coordinators, campus administrators, instructional specialists, and math coaches in developing and supervising the instructional programs in Mathematics.

Yirah ValverdeYirah Valverde, Ph.D.
Mathematics Coordinator
915-877- 7503

Dr. Valverde is an Educator with ten years of experience at U.S. urban schools where she establishes high expectations for students by continuously seeking new ways to improve instruction and link learning with fun. As a curriculum coordinator, she equips her teachers and students with tools that allow them to meet the boundaries of their individual abilities. That is, to strive for excellence. Her expert interpersonal skills have led her students, parents, and colleagues to inspire a shared commitment to quality and equal education. With a spirit of compassion and a drive for knowledge, she desires to better education through the practice of academic excellence.